Looks like the Used have taken to playing Linkin Park's "Shadow Of The Day" at recent live shows, and now there's video to prove it. Below, see some fan-captured footage of vocalist Bert McCracken and co. covering the 2007 LP cut.

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It's not the first time the Utah-born band have reeled off their rendition of the Minutes To Midnight single. The Used recently performed "Shadow Of The Day" as part of a special BBC Radio 1 broadcast. You can listen to that version here.

The in-studio BBC session also saw the Used put their spin on Nirvana's classic 1991 single  "Smells Like Teen Spirit," among their own original jams. (They've played the iconic "Teen Spirit" live as far back as 2014, going by this video.)

And the band's Linkin Park cover serves as a touching tribute to Chester Bennington, the LP singer who died last year. Check out the Used's upcoming tour dates down after the video, and sound off in the comments section underneath.

The Used tour dates

10/07 - San Juan Teotihuacán, Mexico @ Force Fest
12/07 - Ascot Vale, Australia @ Good Things Festival
12/08 - Parramatta Park, Australia @ Good Things Festival
12/09 - Bowen Hills, Australia @ Good Things Festival

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