In 2011 Valencia shattered our hearts by announcing their hiatus, ending their statement with a "This is not goodbye, it's I'll see ya later."

Well, they weren't lying. Judging by their latest social media posts, the band is definitely up to something.

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"Give us some time, and if you will stick with us through this, I promise some way shape or form we will be back," Valencia wrote in their hiatus statement. "Don’t forget about us on the way. We love you all."

The band did end up breaking their silence five years later, announcing a two-show anniversary performance of the band's 2005 album This Could Be A Possibility in December 2016.

Valencia have been pretty quiet since then, with vocalist Shane Henderson focusing on his solo project Promise of Redemption—at least until now.

A Facebook and Instagram picture surfaced from the band's social media accounts of their 2008 album We All Need A Reason To Believe with the text "8/28/18 12 PM EST. Ten Years."

Their cover photo and profile pictures have also been blacked out, and if you head over to the band's Instagram page, the 2008 album cover is the only post you'll find.

Are we getting a ten year reunion tour?!

Time to start saving up that travel money just in case, in the meantime, let's prepare ourselves by jamming one of my FAVORITE songs from that album.

Valencia - "Where Did You Go?"

This is going to be a very long two days Valencia fans, but just remember, "Deep down inside I'm hurting/But at least I know you're worth it."

Do you think we're getting an anniversary tour? Sound off your theories in the comments below!