Let’s face it: Vic Fuentes and Kellin Quinn undoubtedly caught lightning in a bottle when they released the Pierce The Veil collaboration “King For A Day.” Featured on PTV’s third album, Collide With The Sky, the match made in heaven recently celebrated the track going platinum.

AltPress sat down with Fuentes and Quinn to chat about the making of the music video for “King For A Day,” the best memories they have together on set and the possibility of working together in the future.

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VIC FUENTES: Let's talk about the video a little bit. We shot it on Warped Tour. We shot it on a day off if you remember.

KELLIN QUINN: I think I had to borrow your clothes.

Yeah, I think you had to borrow one of our suits and my shirt because we had to be in suits.

But I'm wearing these tennis shoes that I had. So it's funny to watch that video ’cause I'm in a black suit, but I'm wearing PF Flyers. [Laughs.]

[Laughs.] Our suits don't fit us at all. We look like a couple of kids rocking suits. What do you remember about that day? What sticks out to you?

I remember being pretty tired ’cause I [didn’t] sleep that well on the bus that night. I was riding with you guys, and you know how it is when you ride with other people. It's cool, but it's not your own spot. I remember the guy that played the boss in the video was just so weird. To be honest, though, he was actually a creepy dude.

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Yeah, I remember.

I remember all the extras, though. They were having a blast, like all of the people playing the bank tellers. I remember dancing on the desk or rocking out on the desk or whatever. I don't think they asked me to do that. I think they wanted me to just sit there. But I got up on it and started moving around. It was a blur though, dude, because I think I was going home after that. You guys did two parts of the shoot though, right? ’Cause you did the bank scene, and then you did a whole other scene in a skate park or something, right?

We did the live thing the next day in a warehouse. Do you remember how the Ninja Turtles' secret hideout was? Like for the dropout crazy kids, you know? That's what it was meant to be. And I remember that the idea for the video came from when we were on Warped Tour, and we were getting a lot of pressure to come up with the idea for the video from our label and our management. 
The four of us had a band meeting after one of our Warped Tour shows, and we were just sweaty, sitting on these wood pallets behind production. Jaime [Preciado, bassist] wanted to do a heist video. I think he was super into Ocean's Eleven at the time and movies like that. He just really wanted to do a heist and rob a bank or something. We pretty much wrote the whole treatment that day on Warped and had the idea. We sent it off to the director, Drew Russ, who filled in all the gaps that we needed and made it all make sense. And then we went from there. But that's how we came up with it.

It's crazy. I wonder what Drew Russ is doing now. He did so many videos. He did three of our videos back in the day.

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He's done most of our videos. I think all but one.

He's great. He always brings good energy. He's quick and fast.

He caught lightning in a bottle that day as well. I think that video has over 100 million streams. Another thing I think that really launched that song was how fun that video was ’cause we had a blast making it. That was one of the best days ever. To me, I can say that it was probably one of the best days of my life because I met my girlfriend that day, [and] we're still dating since that day. And then sharing that song with you guys and it just going so far. It was a really special day looking back on it.

It's crazy that we've never sat down and done this before. To finish it up, I think the song is one of those things where it was the right place at the right time. It's the reason that song is so good because we've had so much fun working on it. I think that's why that song was generated. It wasn't forced. It wasn't like, “I’ve got to have Kellin on this song,” or “I've got to have Vic on this song.” We both liked it, had a blast making it, had fun performing it, [and] had fun doing a music video for it. It was always a good time. It was never a pain.

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I think we're still going to drag you out onstage and keep doing that thing together. [Laughs.]

I'm there dude. Any time I can, I'm there. You know it.

I think it's one of those things where we probably both are just always going to compare [another collab] to "King For A Day." It doesn't even matter if it was a great song or not. Maybe there's a chance to do an acoustic version of the song at some point or something where we would go back in and just make it even more special in that way to be really cool.

You never know. Collaborations have to present themselves, and they have to show their face to you. They have to need you. That doesn't always happen. It has to come up naturally, and you just never know when that's going to come up.