Direct Hit! have announced that they will release a new LP, Brainless God, in Summer 2013. However, today, we are revisiting their previous album, 2011's Domesplitter, for a look at the video for its second track, "Satan Says."

"The Exorcist is one of my favorite movies of all time, so I wanted to pay some sort of goofy tribute to that given what the song's about," says vocalist Nick Woods. "We shot the whole thing over about 14 hours in my parents' garage with my friend Jon, using his gear and a bunch of shit I bought off Craigslist, and at Goodwill and Home Depot. The bibles on the headboard were mailed in by people from Facebook and our mailing list."


Directed by Nick Woods

Produced by Jon Good and Special Entertainment

Edited by Neal Dinkelman

SFX and color by Jack Packard

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