Looking to add a splash of alt rock to your summer playlist? Cali-based indie trio Wallows have you covered. Comprised of co-frontmen and guitarists Dylan Minnette, of 13 Reasons Why fame, and Braeden Lemasters, with drummer Cole Preston, the band’s Spring EP soundtracks dreamy late night drives and warm weather days spent on the West Coast.

And while you’re likely to have the band’s own “Pictures Of Girls” spinning all summer long, the indie act have curated a playlist of tracks they just can’t get enough of. Here are 10 Wallows-approved jams!

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1. Flaming Lips - “Race For The Prize”

Why Wallows love it: “It’s one of those songs that actually blew my mind when I first heard it. The Soft Bulletin was definitely a game changing record.” -Braeden Lemasters

2. The Drums - “Best Friend”

Why Wallows love it: “We’re super into the Drums right now. They’re really inspiring; we dig those guys a lot.” -Dylan Minnette

3. Snail Mail - “Anytime”

Why Wallows love it: “The album is great, they’re great, she’s great. That song is beautiful. It’s a perfect wrap up to Lush.” -Dylan Minnette

4. Joy Again - “Kim”

Why Wallows love it: “Joy Again is a severely underrated band. If you hear ‘Kim,’ you’re going to be like, ‘Wow, this is a hit.’ But it’s still cool. It’s not cheesy.” -Cole Preston

5. KIDS SEE GHOSTS - “Freeee (Ghost Town Pt. 2)”

Why Wallows love it: “This is a Dylan selfish one.” -Dylan Minnette

6. Lucy Dacus - “Night Shift”

Why Wallows love it: “It’s just a really good song.” -Dylan Minnette

7. Bob Dylan - “Shelter From The Storm”

Why Wallows love it: “This is a really random one.” -Braeden Lemasters (“It’s not random. It’s Bob Dylan.” -Cole Preston)

8. Arctic Monkeys - “Four Out Of Five”

Why Wallows love it: “I think it’s the coolest move after AM ever. I’ll be very defensive of the album; I’m obsessed with it.” -Dylan Minnette

9. (Sandy) Alex G - “Harvey”

Why Wallows love it: “Kind of obsessed with that song right now. Basically, it’s just dank.” -Braeden Lemasters

10. ABBA - “Dancing Queen”

Why Wallows love it: “It’s just the most perfectly arranged and composed pop song. It’s not a cheesy song at all. It’s literally a perfect song. Every melody is perfect. Every piano chord. Every production note.” -Cole Preston (and the entire band)

Wallows' Spring EP is currently available via Atlantic Records. The band have several festival performances slated for the coming months including Lollapalooza and Life Is Beautiful, and you can view all those dates here.