Warped Tour may be long over, but it will truly live forever in our hearts. Every scene kid probably spends an embarrassing amount of time thinking about their favorite moments at the summer music festival each year and daydreaming about the lineups we never witnessed.

Recently, we’ve been doing the same thing and started thinking about all of those bands who we never got to see headline Warped. 

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Whether they played on a side stage, never played the festival or we wish we could relive 2005 all over again, we rounded up 10 bands we wish we had seen play the Warped Tour main stage for old times sake. 

My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance did make two appearances at Warped with the first being in 2004. Returning in 2005, founder Kevin Lyman revealed he had to upgrade the band to the main stage for their second year. Those lucky fans got to see the band belt out some of their biggest tracks ever, including “I'm Not Okay (I Promise)” and “Helena.” We’re tearing up just at the thought. 

Fall Out Boy

Speaking of MCR, remember when Patrick Stump performed “Thank You For The Venom” with them during Warped 2005? That was exactly what dreams are made of. Like MCR, Fall Out Boy also appeared on the tour in 2004 and 2005, getting the same main stage upgrade as MCR for their second run.

Avril Lavigne

The queen of pop punk herself Avril Lavigne has never stepped foot on a Warped Tour stage, which is quite surprising. We definitely feel like we’ve belted out “Sk8er Boi” live at Warped before, but that’s probably just our morphed scene brains wishing the thought was real. 

Panic! At The Disco

To the surprise of many, Panic! At The Disco have never graced a Warped Tour lineup. It makes sense now because the band are selling out arenas, but back in the day, we would’ve loved to see a little emo Brendon Urie jumping off speakers on the Warped main stage. 

You Me At Six

You Me At Six are no strangers to Warped, as they’ve played three times total. However, they’ve always played the side stages, even though we know from their live shows that they are definitely main-stage material. 

Dashboard Confessional


Somehow, someway, these emo veterans have never once played Warped. Do you even understand how badly we needed to shout “Screaming Infidelities” with Dashboard Confessional at the top of our lungs in that crowd? Truly a crime against humanity.

Machine Gun Kelly

MGK has played side stage at the festival in the past and even made an appearance during YUNGBLUD’s set at the last-ever date of Warped, but he’s never headlined. And with his new pop-punk album, Tickets To My Downfall, nearing release, we could vividly picture a killer set filled with special guests from the rapper on the main stage.

twenty one pilots

While it’s not a total shock, twenty one pilots have never once played Warped. Honestly, it probably would've been too much for the universe to handle at the time, us included, but imagine how amazing the crowd would be. 

A Skylit Drive

While A Skylit Drive have played Warped twice, to our surprise, it’s never been on the main stage. If you’ve ever seen them live, you know they would’ve crushed the spot, but they never got the chance. 

Smash Mouth

Don’t even lie—you’d pay a lot of money to be able to hear Smash Mouth's “All Star” at Warped. But we were all robbed and need to live with that for the rest of our lives apparently.