Since the end of September, Waterparks have been putting their fans to the ultimate test with an international scavenger hunt to unveil the full tracklist to their forthcoming album FANDOM.

Along with the complete tracklist, the band also unveiled details regarding the album's artwork.

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Fans in cities such as Manchester, Boston, Dallas, London, Houston, Toronto and more were each given the task of tracking down a song within their city.

Once all the clues were found, Waterparks released the official 15-song tracklist.

FANDOM tracklist:

Waterparks also revealed how the 
FANDOM Double Dare Entertainment

"The ‘FANDOM’ art is a play off of ‘Double Dare’ and ‘Entertainment’ but evolved," Waterparks shared. "The ‘Double Dare’ art had the fruit theme with the grenade. This is the same premise, but all the colours have completely changed in the world around the ‘Double Dare’ era. Just like in real life for me, being that I’m still me, just evolved and doing/ living the same things, it’s all just progressed and chanced, including the focal subject of the cover. This is a visual representation of the aftermath of that album (the explosion after the ‘Double Dare’ grenade causing the splatter) on ‘FANDOM’. I wanted this and the start colour changes to show the mood progression and that it’s all a completely new world.

"Now on to the ‘Entertainment’ details on the cover. I wanted to present this as a premiere or showing of what’s on the ‘Entertainment’ tapes, hence the movie time and date, 7PM. The 7PM and infinite release date are meant to represent unending hype. Like the concept of ‘Dream Boy’, Saturday 7PM is another unattainable thing that we have to live up to. It’s set to hype that we either have to maintain or top every week which will eventually lead to disappointment. Disappointment that I/ we can’t be what people want or give them what they’re looking for from us. The [R] is used instead of a parental advisory to play on the VHS/ movie theme of ‘Entertainment’ and is also a nod to the track ‘[Reboot]’.

"The track list on the back of the art is handwritten like the ‘Entertainment’ back cover art and shaped like the focal point of the subject on the front cover. The ‘Entertainment’ track list was modelled like a VHS tape and the track list on the back of ‘FANDOM’ is circular like the orange on the front cover.

"A lot of thought and care went into the art and it took a million revisions so I hope you like it. Also my bad if this was scattered and repetitive, explaining this all from a hectic music video shoot is more challenging than I anticipated."
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