On FANDOM, their debut album for Hopeless Records, the young men of Waterparks have dedicated themselves to being real. Awsten Knight, Geoff Wigington and Otto Wood have waded through the ocean of social media comments and navigated new responsibilities in their own personal lives to get to this point. And it truly is one to behold.

“There's countless, amazing specifics in words,” Knight says about the writing and the sentiment behind the songs on FANDOM. “Really good writing comes from if you've actually experienced it so it's genuine, but you're also not holding anything back with it, and you're also trying to word it in ways that haven't been described to people before.”

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So exactly what inspires Knight to be so real? “I'm gonna be a little corny for a second,” he prefaces. “But really, the best shit comes from when you're being that honest.”

The intrepid trio go filter-free in the new issue of AP, discussing the fate of the permanently shelved album Friendly Reminder and its marked influence on FANDOM; Wigington’s new responsibilities with fatherhood and sobriety; the meaning of the term “creatively calculated”; and Knight’s love/fear relationship with his fans and how it’s manifested in the music. 

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However you see Waterparks—God’s favorite boy band or material dudes—you’ll get the unvarnished honesty you’re probably not expecting. But you know that deep in your heart, you might need the attitude adjustment. You can read the full story by clicking here.    


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