Weezer just dropped their second single from their upcoming album Van Weezer. The new song is titled "Hero" and was teased earlier this week

"Hero" marks the first new music we've heard from Weezer since "The End Of The Game" which dropped when the Hella Mega Tour was announced last year. 

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Weezer's "Hero" is dedicated to all emergency and frontline personnel dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and their video for the track reflects as much.

"Hero" is an absolute-sounding Weezer track, complete with Rivers Cuomo's dynamic vocals and fun, metal-influenced guitars. 

Check it out below. 

"Hero" lyrics

When I was a kid I thought I'd save the world
Running 'round and chasing all the criminals
Swinging on a web, flying in the sky
Shooting lasers from my eyes
But now I know it never was my destiny
It's not my place in life, not who I'm meant to be
And I don't need the glory, I don't need the fame
And I don't wanna wear this cape

‘Cause on the inside
I know it won't last
On the inside
I'm an outcast

Everybody needs a hero but I'm not everybody else
I walk alone
Yeah, I walk alone yeah, I walk alone, yeah
You know I tried to be a hero but I was lying to myself
I walk alone
Yeah, I walk alone yeah, I walk alone, yeah

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They build you up and then they're gonna tear you down
They love you then they hate you if you wear a crown
It’s not that I don’t love to solve a mystery
But life is hard enough with one identity
If silence is the voice of a new generation
Then I could live up to all of your expectations
I'd hammer down hard like I'm Iron Fist
Then disappear like I don't exist
And on the inside
I know it won't last
On the inside
I'm an outcast

As seen at the end of the music video, Cuomo penned a note thanking frontline workers. Read it in its entirety below.

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Whether you run emergency supplies on electric golf carts or translate English for someone who doesn't speak it, we thank you.

Whether you man computers or pick up phones, answer questions and concerns or route people here and there, we thank you.

Whether you donate pillows and blankets or give money, we thank you.

To those lacking proper face masks, risking their health for the greater good, we thank you.

While the rest of us retreated to our homes, you ran towards the threat in a battle you didn't even know you signed up for. Your bravery and selflessness are awe-inspiring.

You are the reason we shall rock another day.

Life is good, and for all of this, we thank you.  

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Unfortunately, with the good is also the bad. With the release of "Hero," Weezer also delayed their 14th studio album, Van Weezer.

With the good news, comes the bad: unfortunately we're going to have to delay the release of Van Weezer. As you know, Corona has put a crimp in many well-laid plans. Van Weezer has been no exception.

We don't want to give another Van Weezer release date til we're absolutely sure of it, so we'll just say "stay tuned for more info." We’re working hard on getting you all the new =w= you can handle including music + more surprises getting announced later this week ;)

As for what we can expect from Van Weezer, Cuomo answered that back in September.

“It’s like the Blue Album but with more-riffs," Cuomo said. "Metal, hard rock riffs. But it’s still pretty catchy pop-rock.”

Tell us what you think of Weezer's "Hero" in the comments below!

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