Winter is a harsh season, but most people see it as a cheery time of gift giving and family get togethers. Sure, between all of the festivities, there’s some cheer going around, but the harsh snow and bitter cold can be horrifying in its own right. While others are watching campy Christmas movies and staying out of the cold, we’re here to bring you some of the most chilling horror movies to watch as the snow comes down.

Take a look below for 10 winter horror movies that will make your blood run cold this season.

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1. 30 Days Of Night

As if it wasn’t already terrifying enough living in Alaska with the isolation outside of major cities, 30 Days Of Night makes it even scarier by throwing vampires into the mix during a 30-day polar night. Making it through an entire month of darkness is a hefty feat for anyone to accomplish, but the film shows just how terrifying winter darkness truly can be.

2. The Thing

The Thing is an all-time horror classic, taking the isolation of Antarctica to a whole new level. Researchers discover a creature that can take control of other bodies, sparking fear and distrust amongst their group. Despite the film being poorly received initially, it’s become a staple in horror, and it’s easily one of the best winter-set films.

3. Dreamcatcher

Stephen King is a master of making stories revolving around groups of childhood friends, and Dreamcatcher had a solid premise that goes from a group having telepathic powers to a fight against an alien taking control of people’s bodies. The film takes place during a hunting trip in Maine during the winter, adding an element of seclusion to the terror of dealing with aliens.

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4. Misery

Misery takes a simple plot and builds it into a truly terrifying scenario, much like the majority of Stephen King stories. After a writer grows tired of the central character of his books, he kills her off, and while traveling through a blizzard, crashes and is “nursed” back to health by a random woman. The woman simply will not allow the author to kill her off, and after forcing a new story to come together, the two battle to the death to cap off a highly captivating horror story that doesn’t need to rely on gimmicks.

5. Wendigo

After hitting a deer with their vehicle, a family on vacation find themselves battling the Wendigo, a Native American folklore creature that has an insatiable hunger for humans. The film does a fantastic job of building suspense throughout until hitting its blood-filled ending that will sit with viewers for a while after it’s done.

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6. Dead Snow

Zombies are already disgusting and horrifying in their own right, but Dead Snow makes them even worse by bringing Nazis back from the dead. The comedy-horror flick is pretty ridiculous, but it’s probably one of the best zombie movies set during the winter to exist and still has a solid story worth following into its sequel before a third film arrives in 2020.

7. The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man created one of the many staples of the genre and is a must-see for any horror nerd. The film was created in 1933, but the special effects to pull off making someone invisible at the time are incredibly well done, and it’s still pretty scary to watch today. The winter setting is crucial to certain plot points, particularly toward the end, and is easily one of the most chilling old-school horror films to watch.

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8. The Last Winter

The Last Winter plays on a few different fears simultaneously to make for a fun horror movie. Bringing together paranormal themes with climate change issues, a group of oil workers find themselves battling against killer ghosts unleashed by the melting arctic, providing a frightening spin to worries about our ecosystem that have only grown since the film’s 2006 release.

9. The Shining

The Shining is arguably the greatest horror movie ever made and plays into the maddening terrors behind cabin fever. If you’ve ever felt like hibernating for the winter, the movie will make you think twice about doing so while displaying Jack Nicholson’s descent into insanity as he tries to murder his own family.

10. Frozen

No, we’re not talking about Disney’s Frozen but rather a simplistic but captivating horror flick from 2010. Following three skiers who want one last run down the mountains, they end up getting trapped on the ski lift, which won’t reopen for an entire week. They then have to make life-threatening decisions to try to get down the hill, which is inhabited by blood-thirsty wolves.