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We could be seeing even more on that big twist in ‘You’ season 3

It’s been almost a full year since we last caught up with Joe Goldberg in Netflix‘s You. As fans anxiously wait for the new season to arrive, Victoria Pedretti is revealing some secrets about what’s in store for Love Quinn.

As well, she gives an update on when production for season 3 may begin after facing various coronavirus pandemic delays.

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Season 2 of You ended on quite the cliffhanger. As it turns out, Penn Badgley‘s Joe Goldberg isn’t the only manipulator and murderer on the hit TV series. In the final episode, viewers watched as Love showed her true colors, proving that she is the perfect match for Goldberg.

Now, Pedretti has revealed where she hopes to take the character next following the surprising twist. She tells Collider that she wants to tap more into Love’s mysterious side. As well, she looks forward to having more intense scenes with Badgley.

“Yeah, the hysteria,” she says. “I mean, it was always happening. She was always kind off off her rocker consistently, even before the large reveal at the end of the season. But yeah, I just love when her and Joe are just going at it, you know? With all the hypocrisy. It’s kind of hysterical. I really want to venture more into that.”

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Back in February, You writer Sera Gamble confirmed that season 3 was underway. However, the Netflix show has been severely delayed due to the pandemic.

Pedretti further shares that production for You season 3 is going to begin very soon. Although she left out specific details, it looks like plans are finally in motion to start filming.

“We’re tiptoeing towards working now,” she shares. “I know that we have some meetings coming up and whatnot, but things are starting to come together for production to start.”

For now, Pedretti is starring as Dani Clayton in The Haunting Of Bly Manor. The Haunting of Hill House follow up debuted on Netflix on Oct. 9. In the season, Pedretti plays an American nanny who is hired to take care of two children – Flora and Miles Wingrave – at Bly Manor. While there, she quickly learns that everything, and everyone, may not be what they seem at first glance.

At this time, Netflix has not revealed when You season 3 will likely premiere. Hopefully, it will arrive before the end of 2021 so we can finally know what happens after that surprising twist.

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