YUNGBLUD is back to entertaining audiences of all ages with THE YUNGBLUD SHOW LIVE. Episode Two brings some big names like Kelly Osbourne and blink-182's Travis Barker. Machine Gun Kelly returned as well. 

Instead of broadcasting the whole thing from one room, this episode was filmed from indivuduals' homes as everyone is now self-isolating. We got a slick cover of Sublime's "What I Got" by YUNGBLUD, MGK, and Barker, as well as some really big news from the star of the show. 

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The first episode of THE YUNGBLUD SHOW LIVE was back in March and saw appearances from Oliver Tree, Machine Gun Kelly and Bella Thorne. The whole thing was shot in a studio and YUNGBLUD performed an array of his hit songs. 

The process of this new episode is a bit different. Due to the coronavirus quarantine, the show now features footage of everyone in their homes, cut together. Still, the party never stops. 

Right from the outset, YUNGBLUD, MGK, Barker, 24kGoldn, Omer Fedi, Zakk Cervini and Chris Greatti. 

The performance sticks closely to Sublime's original recording, with a sprinkle of YUNGBLUD's thick accent and a brief lyric change by 24kGoldn to reference coronavirus. 

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YUNGBLUD sends a quick shoutout to Carole Baskin of Netflix's Tiger King fame.

We see Osbourne talk about a charity she is raising money for through donations and a trivia game with YUNGBLUD. The charity is Centre Point. Centre Point aims to end youth homelessness by providing housing and support for young people in London, Manchester, Yorkshire and the North East. 

YUNGBLUD answers most of the questions wrong, including one about a very famous, albeit potentially inappropriate meme that has been circling. YUNGBLUD ends up donating £5000 to the charity. 

YUNGBLUD then cuts to a performance of MGK, 24kGoldn and him performing 24kGoldn's song "City Of Angels." 

YUNGBLUD is then joined by Ashnikko in a bit called Spice Sessions. They eat some flaming hot items and sing each other's hits. 

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We get a few short minutes of YUNGBLUD "learning how to drive" through an Xbox racing simulator. 

After thanking everyone, YUNGLBUD covers "Wild Horses" by the Rolling Stones. Afterward, he drops some big news. 

YUNGBLUD has his next single "Weird" dropping next Wednesday, April 22. 

"This song is about a really really weird time in my life when I couldn't understand the world," YUNGBLUD says. "And I thought to myself that this could not be more of a right time to just put it out. So I moved it forward in the whole schedule of things. I can't wait for you to hear it. I'm so excited!"

So there you have it, folks. The newest iteration of the live show treated us to a pretty sweet Sublime cover, as well as revealed when we're getting YUNGBLUD's newest single. 

You can watch the whole extravaganza here.

What was your favorite part of the live show? Tell us in the comments below!

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