In between some awesome performances and a few notable snubs, a new Aladdin trailer debuted during the 2019 Grammy Awards.

Rounding out a lineup of live-action Disney movies coming this summer, this was the most in-depth look at the new Aladdin film so far.

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Despite striking visuals and confirmation of the return of some fan-favorite characters, the trailer was met with mixed reception on social media. This was mostly due to the first look at Will Smith in true Genie form.

Following the release of an Entertainment Weekly cover of the main characters in December, fans were disappointed to see Genie without his familiar blue skin tone.

Smith responded with an Instagram post assuring his followers that he would be blue in the film, and that the promo photo was just Genie in his human disguise.

However, fans were less than enthused with the Genie’s blue hue following the trailer’s release.

A first look at characters such as Abu and Magic Carpet were also included. The film’s antagonist, Jafar, was also seen, but seemed less than enthused according to some.

“Everyone is talking about the Genie, but Jafar looks and sounds the most questionable. He's so... plain,” Reddit user u/TheLiquidNight said.

If nothing else, this new-look Genie will be sure to make for some great internet content, with Twitter and Reddit already running rampant with edits of trailer screenshots.

This is the latest in live action for Disney, who have already shown peeks at new Lion King and Dumbo films that are approaching in the coming months. There have also been rumors of a possible live-action remake of The Nightmare Before Christmas that could already be in the works.

Aladdin heads to theaters May 24, 2019, and you can check out the new trailer below.

What do you think of Will Smith as the Genie? Sound off in the comments below!

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