Bring Me The Horizon
[Photo via YouTube]

Hey, uh, are we rolling? Bring Me The Horizon released their latest single “Wonderful Life” just under two weeks ago. Featuring Dani FIlth, the new track is catchy and bound to be stuck in your head. But do you have all the lyrics memorized yet? Put your brain to the test.

Bring Me The Horizon unleashed “Wonderful Life” from their upcoming album Amo on the world a few weeks ago, and we’re still so here for it. This the second single following the release of “Mantra” in late August.

The band also announced Amo’s tracklisting and that the release date will be moving from Jan. 11 to Jan. 25, 2019.

In mid-August, BMTH began teasing their long-awaited return. Fans noticed a billboard appeared in central London with imaging that seems to have something to do with the metal act.

The billboard read the following: “Do you wanna start a cult with me?” Along with the proposition of starting a cult, there was also a logo the band used in the past.

The billboard also included a number, which when called, played pre-recorded “spiritual advice and guidance” and mentioned Aug. 21. A couple days later, the same campaign appeared in the U.S.

Aug. 21 arrived, and BMTH dropped their first single, “Mantra” followed by a video a few days later. The track proclaimed what the billboards teased as Oli Sykes asks “Do you wanna start a cult with me?”

The following day, the band announced Amo and a slew of tour dates. Sykes later spoke with Kerrang! on the band’s new sound.

“It’s not that we’re not the band you know anymore,” he says, “but with this album we didn’t just want to rest on what we do well, we wanted to challenge ourselves. We’re not betraying our fans, but the new album doesn’t sound like what we’ve done before. And honestly, without any disrespect to the last album, when you put these songs up against the old ones, every song just smashes the old ones out of the park.”