metal song or h.p. lovecraft
[Photos via Metallica/Ross Halfin, H.P. Lovecraft/Wikimedia Commons]

Metal has drawn influence from horror in so many different ways over the years that the two feel infinitely connected. While most of us think of movies and TV shows today in regards to horror, classic horror fiction novels have also had a huge effect on the genre, and no writer has had a greater presence than H.P. Lovecraft. 

Lovecraft’s otherworldly tales bring to life some of the most horrifying ideas one could imagine, and the author’s vision has made its way into metal directly and indirectly ever since bands such as Metallica were starting out. See if you can decipher which titles are H.P. Lovecraft works or song titles from metal bands.

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More on horror

Netflix series The Haunting Of Hill House has been renewed for a new season, though the series is becoming an anthology. The House Of Bly Manor will spin a new story into the series, and the creators are getting a ton of the cast members back from the first season. 

We first learned Victoria Pedretti is going to be returning back in June and later found out about more additions. Oliver Jackson-Cohen and Henry Thomas will also be joining the season 2 cast along with the recent resigning of Kate Siegel. 

Fans were initially skeptical about how the show could have a follow-up with the way the first season ended. The solution is apparently to make it an anthology like American Horror Story with the same cast playing different characters.

The new title suggests the series will be based on an 1890s horror story called The Turn of the Screw. The story involves a governess watching over two orphans following the death of their parents at Bly Manor. She begins seeing ghosts, and the situation gets sinister.

The Haunting Of Bly Manor will be premiering on Netflix sometime in 2020, though no exact release date has been revealed.