APTV Los Angeles correspondent Nick Major chats with Adam Lazzara and John Nolan of Taking Back Sunday about the early days of the band, how they survived without technology and how it has changed things for the band over the years.

“[Social media] takes a lot of the mystery out of rock ‘n roll and that’s a lot of what I like about rock ‘n roll,” says Lazzara.

“It’s a little harder to be cool,” adds Nolan. “People can tell how not cool you are more easily.”

On the upside, Nolan touches on the ways social media has made fans more laid back than they used to be.

“It makes me feel really weird when I’m talking to someone and they're shaking and on the verge of tears,” he says. “It’s very flattering, but it’s very hard to feel normal in that situation.”

The band also touch on how apps like Yelp and Uber have helped them explore new cities on tour.

“There were places we would go all the time [before we had things like Yelp] that I always thought there was nothing to do around there and it just turned out I wasn’t walking in the wrong direction,” says Nolan.

Hear them discuss those topics and more in the APTV exclusive. Plus! What do TBS think about teleportation? Find out in part one of our interview.