QUIZ: Can you figure out these 2000s iPhone apps by just the icon?

There’s no denying the profound effects of touchscreen technology development in the 2000s. Where we’d once been confined to dial pads and scroll wheels, we suddenly had a world of possibilities at our fingertips—literally. And while that was only a mild game changer when it came to navigating our music libraries, the range of new […]

10 mental health apps everyone should have on their phone

September serves as National Suicide Prevention Month, and Thursday, Sept. 10 marks World Suicide Prevention Day. This span of 30 days reminds us to take care of ourselves, check in on loved ones and try to share valuable mental health information for those who need it most.  In the United States, mental health discussions are […]

You could be watching even more music videos in Spotify soon

It looks like Spotify may be expanding its streaming service soon. New reports are saying that the streaming platform is planning to launch a video player for music that could rival YouTube Music. An app decoder named Jane Wong has reportedly discovered a tabbed interface in the new Spotify update that reveals these video player […]

American Music Awards mark first show to use TikTok for nominees reveal

If you were anticipating watching the American Music Awards this year, you would have had to download TikTok to find out who has been nominated. The award show became the first-ever to announce their nominees via TikTok with creators Joshua Cureton, Nick Tangorra and Brittany Tomlinson participating in the content. Read More: Mac Miller alleged drug […]

Apple reveals iTunes replacement with three standalone apps

At the end of last month, Apple users learned they would be in for some pretty big changes after it was rumored that they would be phasing out iTunes. To kick us while we were down, the company deleted all of iTunes‘ social media accounts. Now, at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose […]

Facebook Messenger may move back to main app

After years of its users wondering why they made a separate app for messages in the first place, Facebook may move chat features back into the main app. According to the Verge, the move back is currently being tested. If all goes according to plan, users may soon be able to access basic features in […]

There's a Spotify playlist for your zodiac sign

What zodiac sign are you? The age-old icebreaker gains an audible significance with new Spotify playlists based on your astrological sign. But will the music-streaming app’s cosmic guessing game actually bring up your most on-brand tunes? Launched today (Jan. 17), the 12 zodiac-specific Spotify playlists are curated by a real astrologer, Chani Nicholas. And each […]

2018's top iPhone apps show drop in Snapchat use

Snapchat use drops for the third straight year as YouTube takes the top spot on Apple‘s recently released list of the most-downloaded iPhone apps of 2018, meaning the video sharing company can now officially consider itself the “most popular iPhone app of the year,” as noted by Mashable. So, did you snap or cruise the […]

Facebook and Instagram are reportedly down right now

It looks like Facebook and Instagram are currently down for some. And the parent company behind the “Facebook family of apps” is confirming certain users’ trouble accessing the social networking applications as of late Tuesday morning. But how about you, are you able to use Facebook or Insta right now? Read more: Why is Tumblr […]

11 underrated music apps you should download immediately

When people think of music apps, they probably think of the basics — Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, to name a few. However, there are thousands of apps people make every day that can be both useful and entertaining for any music lover. Check out 11 underrated music apps that you should definitely download below. Read more: […]

Instagram finally adds a mute button, and we're fully here for it

[Photos by: Pexels,] Instagram's always rolling out features that make users' lives easier, and this one may be the most useful yet: There's finally going to be a “mute button” to silence a user's posts without unfollowing them, according to BuzzFeed News. Read more: Share others' posts to your Instagram Story Yep, now you […]

Instagram now lets you re-share others' posts to your Stories—here's how

[Photo by: Pexels] It's been testing the feature since earlier this year, and now Instagram has officially launched the capability to re-share other users' posts on your own Instagram Story. Find out more about the new Instagram feature below. Read more: What are Good Charlotte teasing on Instagram? As noted by TechCrunch, the new re-share […]

"Die With Me" app only lets you talk to people if your phone's about to die

[Photo by:] Being outside is already awful, but being outside without your phone fully charged is what nightmares are made of. What are we expected to do if our phone dies—actually talk to someone? No thanks.  Read more: People are boycotting Facebook because of that sketchy “data breach” To lessen the anxiety that we all face […] app struggling to filter dangerous content

[Photo by:] is coming under fire after the popular lip-synching app has been failing to moderate and filter certain types of dangerous content. Read more: ‘Above Ground’ mental health charity show features Corey Taylor, more The app, which is very popular with teens, started as a place for users to upload their best […]

New study finds 'Pokémon Go' led to an increase in traffic accidents

[Photo by: Niantic] It appears that people playing Pokémon Go—the popular, location-based augmented reality game that swept the globe on release in July 2016—actually led to an increase in traffic accidents, according to a new study. Read more: Video game about cooking eggs sends you to hell As covered by Rolling Stone, the recent paper […]

Venues can now have their own page on Bandsintown

[Photo by: Bandsintown]  Concert discovery app Bandsintown has now opened its platform to venues and festivals. Music venues and festivals will now be able to claim their own dedicated profiles to alert fans of new concert listings and show announcements in real time. Read more: Six services your band should’ve been using yesterday While the service has been […]

Bandcamp launches new app for artists and labels

Bandcamp shared an update on their blog today, introducing their new app for artists and labels. It’s intended to give real-time stats and help artists more directly connect with their fans. Read more: 10 bandcamp bands you may not have heard of, but should definitely check out Ethan Diamond, Bandcamp's co-founder and CEO, posted a […]

Snapchat is testing a new 'official' section for verified users

If you use Snapchat mainly to keep up with your favorite celebrities and internet personalities, you’ll definitely appreciate Snapchat’s latest update.  The company has decided to test out a new addition to its “Stories” section in the form of a new area dedicated to verified accounts. The “Official Stories” section sorts stories from regular users […] puts you inside your favorite music videos

If you've ever wished you could be cast in a music video for your favorite band, now's your chance to shine.  Read more: iTunes is the most popular music platform is a new app (yes, the name is cringe-worthy, we know) that lets you upload a video of yourself while your favorite video plays in the background—feel […]

“You’re not just a number”—How Pinyata could redefine online interactions between bands and fans

When trying to interact with your favorite bands on social media, do you ever feel like you’re just one tiny voice among thousands? Social media can often feel like a one-sided conversation, and Pinyata, a story-based app which now boasts tens of thousands of users, is aiming to even out the playing field. It’s allowing […]
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