Lipstick is a statement. Each color choice tells the world who you are or how you’re feeling in just a quick glance. But not everyone is willing to rock a true red or a my-lips-but-better nude. Here are 10 essential lipsticks for your goth aesthetic.

And honestly, black can get a little redundant. But just because you rock that goth aesthetic doesn’t mean you have to wear the color of pitch night. Here are our picks for the top goth lipsticks that aren’t black.

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If you’re looking for other lipstick options, astrology has influenced style. Earlier this year, makeup brand Bite Beauty teamed up with a psychic to create an Astrology Lipstick Collection, and it’s as incredible as you’d think.

We thought we knew what lipstick shade we were destined for, but now we really know what color is written for us in the stars.

As Bustle first reported, the brand will be releasing the limited-edition shades during the corresponding moon month, so unless you’re a Libra, you’ll have to wait to check out your perfect shade.

The brand’s first “Aquarius” shade launched in January, and it was a modern berry for “standing out in group selfies.”

Bustle explains that psychic Tara Green helped the brand pick a different shade for every sign in the zodiac, and since the first shade sold out quickly, you’re going to want to check back ASAP to make sure you get your hands on your shade before it’s gone.

Check out Bite Beauty’s current shade on Sephora here.