What’s your favorite era of My Chemical Romance? Is it the scrappy semi-hardcore flailing on I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love? That modern emo signpost, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge? The classic-rock throwback of The Black Parade? Or maybe the rockin’ dystopia of Danger Days? The correct answer is none of the above. MCR were never interested in doing the same thing twice. That’s why we invested in them as a band. Of course, we loved some songs more than others. And that’s the basis for this stan-engaging APTV video.

My Chemical Romance wrote a stack of great songs. But not all of them show up on May Death Never Stop You. This is our list of 10 MCR tracks that should’ve been famous. The one thing they all have in common is that they’re totally worthy of legend status. Don’t worry, we defended our choices vigorously.

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What do we offer for your consideration? We reload some Bullets tracks and wave our Parade flags proudly. The Conventional Weapons series? Vastly underrated. And you know we were never going to pass up any opportunity to rave about the Mad Gear And Missile Kid, that post-apocalyptic version of the Monkees. We actively encourage you to list your personal anthems below.

My Chemical Romance were power-brokers when it came to dishing out tabs of je nais se quois. (This is the part of the post where the word “hits” is a double entendre.) Which reminds us of something. There are three (count ’em) Record Store Days this year. Dear Warner Bros: Can we have a triple-LP box set of Danger Days rechristened California 2020? The complete original album; all the Conventional Weapons singles; the MG & MK EP; and a few other things they had to have abandoned for whatever reason. It’s OK: We wouldn’t mind taking this video down and starting all over again.