A year ago today, Panic! At The Disco introduced the world to Beebo, the glorious puppet sharing likeness with frontman Brendon Urie. He partied his way through an X-rated adventure in “Hey Look Ma, I Made It” and has won all of our hearts over ever since.

In honor of Beebo’s one-year anniversary, here are his 15 best moments.

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1. When he scored his own Alternative Press (aka Ternative Press) cover in puppet world ’cause who doesn’t love a trainwreck? 
panic at the disco beebo hey look ma
2. He hung out with Fall Out Boy music video star and all-around rad pup Doug The Pug. Because who doesn’t love puppies and puppets?
3. Urie’s got the voice, but Beebo’s the one turning chairs on The Voice.
4. We’ve got high hopes for Beebo’s future.
5. Friends who dab together, stay together. We’re pretty sure Brendon stole your outfit though, Beebo.
6. Puppetcepton—when your puppet gets its own puppet
7. Beebo always has the best seat in the house, hands down. Watch those flames though, Beebo. We’d hate to for an “accident” to happen.
8. Getting your own Snapchat filter is next level.
9. They might be double trouble, but the love is seriously real between these two. Who doesn’t want to get their hair stroked and kissed on the cheek from Urie, or Beebo for that matter?
10. But does Beebo have his own Twitch account, though?
11. Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?/Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality.” Yes, Beebo and Urie both love Wayne’s World and Queen.
12. A true mood.
13. We clearly have a style icon in our midst.
14. You know you’ve peaked when you get fans painting you on their clothes.
15. When he made a comeback in “Dancing’s Not A Crime.”