The ballad has become a staple of the 21st century pop-punk album, and given the genre’s penchant for heartbreak, it’s not hard to see why. Pick out any pop-punk record since the turn of the century, and you’re likely to find at least one example of acoustic guitar or piano-driven anguish. From recent gems to bona fide classics, here are 12 of our pop punk love songs.

A Day To Remember – “If It Means A Lot To You”

They might be best known for combining pop punk with crushing metalcore, but on “If It Means A Lot To You,” Jeremy McKinnon and co. prove they’ve got a sensitive side. This one’s got everything you’d want from a pop-punk ballad: heartbreak? Yep. “La la la’s”? You betcha. Guest vocals from VERSA/Neaux’s Sierra Kay Kusterbeck? Well, that’s the icing on the cake.

The All-American Rejects – “It Ends Tonight”

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned piano ballad to tug at the heartstrings. Tell you what, though, that video looks like an accident waiting to happen. Don’t play with fireworks, kids. Listen to some pop punk instead—it’s way more fun.

All Time Low – “Remembering Sunday”

“Remembering Sunday” features some killer vocals from Juliet Simms, but what we really love about this song is that it features the best lyrics about eggs ever written: “They had breakfast together/But two eggs don’t last like the feeling of what he needs,” sings Alex Gaskarth. Is anyone else suddenly really hungry?

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As It Is – “My Oceans Were Lakes”

One of the highlights from As It Is’ debut album, Never Happy, Ever After, “My Oceans Were Lakes” is a poignant reminder that when it comes to songwriting, sometimes less is more. It’s a track that Patty Walters clearly holds dear: The As It Is frontman used the instrumentals from the song as the soundtrack to his vlogs a few years back.

Blink-182 – “I Miss You”


Sorry, we’ll stop taking the piss out of Tom DeLonge’s unique vocals on this one. Seriously, though, “I Miss You” is by far the most famous song on this list, and with good reason. As great as the rest of the tracks here are, there’s nothing as iconic as this Blink-182 classic when it comes to pop-punk ballads, and there may never be again.

Boys Like Girls – “Two Is Better Than One” (feat. Taylor Swift)

Question: What did Taylor Swift do before she was a global superstar?
Answer: Do guest vocals on pop-punk ballads.

Yep, the “Shake It Off” icon dabbled in a bit of alternative music in her younger years, and makes a cameo on Boys Like Girls’ wetter-than-a-waterfall acoustic number, “Two Is Better Than One.” It’s not quite as emo as “Love Story,” but this is a song that hits you right in the feelz.

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Grayscale – “Forever Yours”

This list is, for the most part, a bit of a throwback, but we’ve got something nice and contemporary for you in the shape of Philly pop punks Grayscale and their heartfelt number “Forever Yours.” We recently included these guys in the AP Recommends section of the magazine, as well as giving their new album Adornment an impressive four stars in our review. We believe Grayscale have the potential to be a very special band, and once you’ve checked this song out—and listened to the rest of the album—you’d be bonkers not to agree.

Mayday Parade – “Miserable At Best”

This one’s a real tear-jerker from Mayday Parade’s stellar album A Lesson In Romantics. And the best part? The band’s currently playing ALIR in full on tour—right now.

Paramore – “The Only Exception”

Thank God they’re back! We’ve missed Hayley, Taylor and Zac oh so much; but upon hearing “The Only Exception,” we’re left yearning for that classic lineup. Can they patch things up with Jeremy for a second time? Will Josh follow brother Zac back into the band? Probably not in the near future, but we’ve got everything crossed for a full-blown reunion one day…

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Simple Plan – “Summer Paradise” (feat. Sean Paul)

We’re told Sean Paul’s main goal in life** is to be featured by AP. Wish granted, Mr. Paul. This reggae-inspired number is without doubt one to stick on when you’re feeling nostalgic about summers past.

**We might have made up this claim about Sean Paul…

Sum 41 – “With Me”

In the minds of most, Sum 41 will forever be the boyish, bratty punks we saw in the All Killer, No Filler era. But dig a little deeper into the Canadians’ back catalogue, and you’ll find tender cuts like “With Me,” which are in pretty stark contrast to their days of singing about house parties and mullets. Sum 41 went and got all grown-up. Who would’ve thought that’d ever happen back in 2001?

Yellowcard – “Only One”

What better way to finish our round-up of pop-punk ballads than with a great hulking full-band number? We’re still mourning the loss of Yellowcard and their ability to convey so much sincerity with their music, and never was this power better demonstrated than on Ocean Avenue single “Only One,” which sees Ryan Key and co. letting it all out in devastating fashion.