Birds Of Prey is almost in theaters and as opening day draws closer, more secrets about the film are being released. Director Cathy Yan recently revealed that Harley Quinn comes across a subtle nod to Suicide Squad in the upcoming film.

Spoiler Alert: The easter egg isn't super important as far as the film's plot goes, but if you desire absolutely no spoilers before you see the film, we suggest bookmarking this article for later.

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According to Cinemablendin the scene where Harley walks out of the police station, she recognizes someone on a wanted poster.

"Hey, I know that guy," she says when she sees the poster.

The villain happens to be none other than Boomerang (Jai Courtney,) who was one of the main characters in Suicide Squad.

When asked if the nod was on purpose, BOP director Cathy Yan confirmed the easter egg. The moment serves to connect the two films in a small way.

"Yeah, exactly," she says. "It was like a cheeky little nod."

No one is quite sure how related the movies actually are, so here's to hoping all our answers get answered when the Birds Of Prey premieres.

More on Birds Of Prey

Halsey put an end to the mystery surrounding the Instagram video she posted back in 2019. The video shows Halsey in the studio with Bring Me The Horizon‘s Oli Sykes and Jordan Fish. The video is referencing her new song for the Birds Of Prey soundtrack “Experiment On Me.”

A Halsey/BMTH collab was teased all the way back in July when Halsey posted the video below of her in the studio with some familiar voices in the background and tagged Sykes and Jordan Fish.

A few days after that, Sykes confirmed the two were in the studio together with a picture of his own.

While interacting with fans, one asked about the video of Halsey in the studio.

I’m still wondering about the song you posted to Instagram questioning if it was too much !! I want another angry song. kinda like nightmare, Even tho I know it’s not on the album. is there something of that angst ??!

Halsey then cracked the code behind the video saying it was about a song she wrote with Bring Me The Horizon for Birds Of Prey: The Album. 

"Experiment on Me," she posts. "For the birds of prey soundtrack. Hands down craziest song I’ve ever recorded. By a landslide. And rightfully so for Harley!!!!!"

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