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[Photos via JasminIssakaDesign, NotUrMomsCrafts, ThePeacePins, MADEdesignsNJ]

10 Etsy items you can buy to support the Black Lives Matter movement

This past summer, the world’s largest cities were greeted with protesters supporting Black Lives Matter, who were fed up with the systemic injustices faced by Black Americans at the hands of law enforcement. The protests began after the murder of George Floyd, and they still continue after countless other killings, shootings and acts of violence.

It’s important to continue to protest and support Black people and minority communities. Here’s an updated list of charities and organizations that are fighting against systemic racism. You can still support the movement by donating money to nonprofits, volunteering, sharing resources on social media and continuing the conversation with friends and family. 

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Additionally, you can support small artists who are also fighting for Black lives. Here are 10 Etsy shops that are selling cool products that benefit anti-racist charities and share a powerful message. 

These cute, inclusive stickers

This adorable sticker set depicts an array of skin colors. Under a rainbow, the artist writes, “We must be anti racist.” Sticker-maker MADEdesignsNJ is donating 100% of the profits to BLM. You can spruce up your laptops and water bottles while making a statement. 

Cute black lightning bolt earrings

You can make a statement with your outfit and support a cause you care about by sporting these lightning bolt earrings. These bold pieces retail at less than $5, and all proceeds will go toward various BLM charities, including The Movement For Black Lives and The Innocence Project.

Adorable handmade bracelets and keychains

The artist behind braceletsforBLMshop has been busy at work threading handmade bracelets and keychains for the movement. Some designs include the solar system, the phases of the moon, flowers and more. All proceeds will be donated to various BLM charities. 

More empowering stickers

Etsy shop NotUrMomsCrafts shared various designs for stickers with warm, retro colors and powerful words, including “Enough Is Enough” and “Use Your Voice.” All proceeds will be donated to the Innocence Project of Florida

A cool psychedelic print

Psychedelic artist Jasmin Issaka is selling colorful and vibrant prints of a protest scene on her Etsy page. She has varying print sizes and background colors all starting at $6.71. All proceeds will go toward BLMUK.

Cruelty-free, vegan hand cleanser

The cosmetologists and skincare experts at Sudsatorium are selling their Hand Hooch water-free hand cleanser to help the cause. Many of us are looking for ways to stay sanitized, and this product lets you stay clean and help a good cause. 50% of the proceeds will be donated to BLM organizations. 

Simple hoodies and crew necks

The entrepreneur behind HeadlineBrand designed comfy crew necks, hoodies and T-shirts with minimalist BLM fist symbols and text. The simple pieces have a powerful message. 10% of the proceeds from all the movement-themed shirts will be donated to BLM. 

Intersectional support pins

If you’re looking to identify yourself as an ally to LGBTQIA+ African Americans, check out ThePeacePins on Etsy. You can purchase pins that display the pride flag or the trans flag along with the BLM fist symbol. All proceeds from the pins will be donated to the LGBTQ+ Freedom Fund. 

An embroidered BLM tote bag

You can use this simple, hand-embroidered BLM tote, courtesy of CatkinandYarn, while shopping or socially distancing with friends. Proceeds from the sale of this bag will go to ActBlue Charities: Black Lives Matter Global Network.

Hand-painted denim jackets

Etsy shop MicheleLynnDesign uses her art skills to spruce up plain denim jackets. She’s designing BLM-themed jackets for all sizes and plans on donating 50% of the proceeds from each item to Black Lives Matter.