Third Eye Blind launches nail polish line, donates "Jumper" proceeds to LGBTQIA+ charity

Third Eye Blind will celebrate the 25th anniversary of their self-titled debut with two special shows, one in Los Angeles and the other in New York City. They have also collaborated with Smith & Cult to create a cruelty-free nail polish line inspired by songs on the album. Read more: Could there be a new […]

28 never-before-seen images of Nirvana will be sold as NFTs

28 never-before-seen images of Nirvana performing live are set to be sold as NFTs via Pop Legendz. They will launch in celebration of Kurt Cobain‘s 55th birthday on Feb. 20. Proceeds from the NFTs will be divided between The Trevor Project and Grid Alternatives. Read more: 14 artists influenced by Nirvana, from Kid Cudi to the […]

SeeYouSpaceCowboy on destroying the stigma of addiction with their new LP

Unquestionably, metalcore and its associated subgenres have traditionally been masculine. Even in the way we describe the music, with “brutal” screams and “savage” breakdowns, the metal lexicon occasionally can make it challenging for someone with an alternative gender identity. While we’ve seen a gradually increasing inclusion of female and nonbinary artists breaking the mold for […]

Snail Mail defied fears of the sophomore slump to make 'Valentine'

When it was time to start work on the second Snail Mail album, Lindsey Jordan only had a couple of songs ready. “If I don’t actually have anything to write about, I’m not gonna write anything. I don’t want to. I don’t want to waste my time — I don’t want to waste anybody else’s […]

Mr. Smithers finds love in momentous upcoming episode of 'The Simpsons'

Mr. Smithers will finally find love in an upcoming episode of The Simpsons. Mr. Burns’ iconic personal assistant came out as gay during season 27 in the 2016 episode “The Burns Cage,” and this new episode will feature Smithers entering a new relationship – possibly at the expense of the entire town of Springfield. Victor […]

Trash Boat takes us behind the scenes of 'Don't You Feel Amazing?'

On their latest album, Trash Boat break out of the pop-punk bubble to take on a variety of new musical styles while tackling personal and societal issues, from addiction and frustration to inequality and discrimination. For AltPress issue 397’s Album Anatomy section, Vocalist Tobi Duncan explains how it all went down. NO GENRE, JUST GOOD […]

Laura Jane Grace surprise-drops 'At War With The Silverfish' EP—listen

Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! has released a surprise EP. Titled At War With The Silverfish, the new release dropped via Polyvinyl Records. The record follows Grace’s solo album Stay Alive, released in 2020. The latest EP, which contains seven tracks, explores a variety of universal themes, ranging from yearning for love to dealing with […]

Keir on challenging gender norms, taking inspiration from Prince and more

Fusing inspiration from Prince, David Bowie, Amy Winehouse and more, Keir is already on the path to greatness. Filling his discography with releases that exemplify his vulnerability and values, Keir is pushing past intolerance and creating a space where he and his fans can be exactly who they want to be—dresses and all. Through each […]

VFILES celebrates inclusivity with NOT THE MET GALA and you're invited

Those familiar with Vogue’s annual Met Gala—and, let’s face it, at this point, it’s almost impossible not to be—will likely know it as “fashion’s biggest night out.” An evening where a list of carefully selected celebrity attendees announce their presence on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in full costume regalia and then […]

NOAHFINNCE on self-care, trans rights and Gen Z activism

YOUR FIRST MUSICAL LOVE. I consider Busted my first musical love. They made me want to play guitar, and then I got a guitar for Christmas. But it was an acoustic guitar, so it didn’t sound the same. Then, my friend ended up breaking it because she tuned it too tight. I remember the first […]

Here's how to get free tickets to Anti-Flag's 2021 North American tour

Anti-Flag have announced tour dates for fall 2021. The group will perform in over a dozen North American cities during the run, and tickets are available for purchase here. Ahead of the tour, Alternative Press and Live Nation are partnering to offer an exclusive ticket giveaway. Pairs of tickets will be available in select cities. […]

Kid Congo Powers on his new EP and the LGBTQIA+ roots of punk

Kid Congo Powers, one of avant garage punk’s secret weapons, was interviewed March 9 from his Tucson, Arizona, home that he shares with his husband. On the brink of releasing his amazing new EP with his longtime band the Pink Monkey Birds, Swing From The Sean DeLear, he explained to us in part one what […]

HE Creative are illustrating the evolution of the punk scene

Don’t be fooled: HE Creative are doing exactly what you think they’re doing when you glance over their Instagram feed for the first time—creating a normalized space for punk rock, female empowerment, diversity and more. Designed in various shades of muted hues, HE Creative are using their creative design studio as a means to elevate […]

AltPress Weekly: Oasis, WILLOW, boyish, JAWNY, Softcult and more

We’re back with another AltPress Weekly. Each week, we highlight the things we want you to check out. We shout out new discoveries and longtime favorites, the best new, old and everything in between. We’ll also always keep you up to date with the latest coverage over at Alternative Press, along with the stories we […]

9 artists that Alternative Press editors and writers are listening to right now                                               

Every month, Alternative Press writers and editors join forces to share their favorite rising artists. From raucous hardcore to mesmeric bedroom pop to anthemic indie rock and more, we know you are sure to find a new band to love. Your playlists are about to get even better with these additions.  Read more: 10 emerging […]

AltPress Weekly: Badflower, Yvette Young, industry insiders and more

We’re back with a fresh AltPress Weekly. Each week, we highlight the things we want you to check out. We shout out brand-new tracks and classic cuts, deep dives and smash hits. We’ll also bring you the scoop on the latest happenings at Alternative Press, along with the stories we keep coming back to. Many […]

AltPress Weekly: Eyedress, Syd, boyband, the Velvet Underground and more

Welcome back to AltPress Weekly. It’s hard to believe we’re already at our fourth installment of our weekly roundup, which gathers up everything we want you to check out. Each week, we showcase longtime favorite tracks and brand-new cuts. We also focus on all the things happening at Alternative Press, as well as the latest […]

6 artists who inspired Lauren Sanderson to find her authentic self

Lauren Sanderson has always had dreams that transcended her small town. The Indiana-born, L.A.-based musician followed her passion for blending alternative, hip-hop and R&B elements and shared her aptly titled debut album, Midwest Kids Can Make It Big in 2020. Tracks such as “But I Like It,” “17” and beyond examine the highs and lows […]

Yves has a mission in life to do something greater with his work

When we think about influence in an age where anyone with access to the internet and a substantial following is dubbed as an “influencer,” I raise the question of what the requirements are on the topic. Influence has the capacity to have an effect on the character, development or behavior of someone or something—or the […]

11 Twitch streamers building inclusive communities for all people

With it being Pride Month, the popular livestreaming platform Twitch is uplifting LGBTQIA+ creators, fundraising for various charities and educating its users on how to support the community beyond the month of June. To kick off the month, Twitch livestreamed the OUTLOUD: Raising Voices concert, which featured performances from artists such as Hayley Kiyoko, Adam […]
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