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Watch blink-182’s “I Miss You” video get recreated by a kazoo player

It’s a new day which means there’s another cover video somewhere on YouTube for us to be entertained by. Various blink-182 covers and parody videos have recently emerged onto the video-sharing platform. From a blink-182 and Modern Baseball style cover to a social distancing-inspired parody of “Don’t Leave Me,” a lot of people are getting creative with blink-182’s material.

Now, there is a new cover video of blink-182’s classic hit “I Miss You” that is sure to entertain many of us while we sit in quarantine.

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This week, a creative cover video of “I Miss You” was posted onto the blink-182 Reddit thread. Uploaded onto YouTube by the user MyFuneralDrag, the cover of the 2003 track was done using a kazoo.

Instead of going the traditional route for a cover and using typical instruments, MyFuneralDrag decided to change things up. For the YouTuber, there were some reasons as to why they decided to use a kazoo for the cover.

“Kazoo is the saddest and most emo of the instruments,” MyFuneralDrag says.

As they shared in the video’s comment section, MyFuneralDrag intended to only share the video on TikTok. However, it seems as though the video is starting to gain attention on other platforms.

The cover runs just under a minute long and features MyFuneralDrag playing the kazoo, acoustic guitar, bass and piano. As well, MyFuneralDrag includes some familiar details that are found in the “I Miss You” music video. The most noticeable detail in the cover video is the suit MyFuneralDrag is wearing which is very similar to Tom DeLonge‘s in the original video. The cover video also includes a similar backdrop that is featured in the “I Miss You” music video.

The “I Miss You” kazoo cover video is available to watch below.

As for what blink-182 have been up to recently, they are keeping busy while under coronavirus lockdown. Last week, during an Animal Crossing livesteam, Mark Hoppus shared that he is currently recording for the next blink-182 record. As well, he touched on DeLonge’s recent comments that he will be rejoining blink-182 in the future. A music video for Hoppus’ recent feature on the Used‘s “The Lighthouse” was also released this week.

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Travis Barker is also working on a number of projects. Barker recently appeared on The Late Late Show With James Corden with Machine Gun Kelly. The two of them performed MGK’s new single “Bloody Valentine” which is off of his forthcoming album, Tickets To My Downfall. Barker helped produce the album that is due out this summer. As well, Barker recently teamed up with Demi Lovato to release an emo remix of her single “I Love Me.”

What do you think of the “I Miss You” kazoo cover video? Let us know in the comments below.

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