Bring Me The Horizon are continuing to build momentum around their new single "Parasite Eve." After its initial delayed release in support of Black Lives Matter, the new single is now arriving on June 25.

Now, in a new behind-the-scenes video update, the band are sharing another exclusive clip of "Parasite Eve." As well, they are giving fans a look into their collaboration with producer Dan Lancaster (blink-182, 5 Seconds Of Summer, Lower Than Atlantis) on the new single.

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Since coronavirus quarantine began, Bring Me The Horizon have been hard at work recording new music. With each member social distancing in their home, the band have been communicating through video chat while recording new songs.

Jordan Fish and Oli Sykes have been documenting their time recording with a behind-the-scenes series called “BMTHS2.” So far, 11 videos in total have been released and we've learned a lot.

On June 23, Bring Me The Horizon gave some key details surrounding "Parasite Eve" and their upcoming release in the video "10BMTHS2-mick gordon-.mp4."

First and foremost, Sykes revealed that the sound of "Parasite Eve" is heavily influenced by the video game Doom Eternal. So much so that the band reached out to the game's composer Mick Gordon who helped collaborate on the new single.

Along with Gordon, Bring Me The Horizon also enlisted Lancaster to help produce the new single. As seen in the new video update "11BMTHS2-dan lancaster-.mp4," Lancaster helped mixed the final track that we will hear on June 25. Lancaster previously worked with Bring Me The Horizon on 2015's That's The Spirit.

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In the new video, we see Lancaster mixing the song in his home studio while collaborating with BMTH through video chat. Just before the video's two-minute mark, an exclusive snippet of the "Parasite Eve" we will likely hear on June 25 can be heard.

Within the video update, Bring Me The Horizon also confirm that a "Parasite Eve" video is on its way. Each member filmed their scenes for the video separately. This is in efforts to cooperate with social distancing regulations.

Within the "BMTHS2" video series, the band also revealed that they are returning to their heavier sound. Back in April, Sykes first teased some Suicide Season-era vocals. Following this, we saw Sykes recording heavy vocals in a recent video update, confirming the band's return to heavy music.

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Along with this news, the band have hinted that they may be releasing various EPs throughout the year. Sykes revealed back in November that Bring Me The Horizon may spend 2020 releasing shorter EPs rather than full-length albums. In their last video update, Sykes mentions this upcoming release as the “first record,” hinting that the band may be releasing various EPs throughout the year.

The new video update "11BMTHS2-dan lancaster-.mp4" is available to watch below.

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“Parasite Eve” is the first piece of new music Bring Me The Horizon have released in 2020. Earlier this year, their co-written track with Halsey called “Experiment On Me” was released on the Birds of Prey soundtrack.

Are you excited to hear "Parasite Eve" on June 25? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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