On Sept. 2, Bring Me The Horizon and YUNGBLUD released their highly-awaited collaboration "Obey."

Now, the artists are celebrating a major music milestone all thanks to the single. As well, they are offering a behind-the-scenes look into how the iconic "Obey" video was created.

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YUNGBLUD first teased the collaboration back in July when he sent a cryptic tweet to Oli Sykes and Jordan Fish. Shortly after, BMTH confirmed that the collaboration was happening and is part of their forthcoming release Post Human.

Bring Me The Horizon are currently working on four different EPs. Each release will fall under the album name Post Human. Both “Parasite Eve” and 2019’s “Ludens” will be on the first EP.

Then, after sharing various behind-the-scenes photos, Bring Me The Horizon and YUNGBLUD finally unveiled "Obey" on Sept 2. As well, they dropped an iconic video featuring YUNGBLUD and Sykes.

Now, two weeks after its release, BMTH and YUNGBLUD are celebrating a major chart milestone thanks to "Obey." The collab has reached No.1 on the Billboard Hot Hard Rock Songs Chart. "Obey" climbed eight spots for the coveted No.1 position, dethroning Five Finger Death Punch's "A Little Bit Off."

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This feat marks the second No. 1 on the Hot Hard Rocks Song Chart for Bring Me The Horizon. Their previous single "Parasite Eve," which debuted earlier this summer, also peaked at No.1.

Along with the news, the "Obey" video just surpassed 5 million views. On Wednesday, Bring Me The Horizon shared a behind-the-scenes video of the shoot and revealed how the "Obey" video was created with the help of a green screen.

For the video, both YUNGBLUD and Sykes had their faces molded in order to create the robots' faces. However, there almost weren't any robots to begin with.

Sykes shares that he originally wanted the video to show both him and YUNGBLUD as puppets. Eventually, he realized the visual representation of the song might be too obvious and he changed his mind.

"The song has such a monster quality to it," Sykes says. "At first, I was imagining me and Dom as like puppets, but that felt a little bit obvious. Then, this idea came to me a little bit inspired by old Japanese Godzilla-type movies and Power Rangers and Pacific Rim."

For Sykes, he says that "Obey" is truly inspired by the ongoing events happening around the world including the Black Lives Matter protests.

“This year, if it taught us anything, if you believe in something, you need to stand up for it,” Sykes shares. “It’s not enough to believe and just quietly support it. You have to align yourself with what you believe in. This song is all about that. The conversation is open now where people aren’t taking the crap that they used to take with inequality and climate change.”

Both the "Obey" video and behind-the-scenes video are available to watch below.

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