Charmed was a groundbreaking show when it premiered on television back in 1998. The magical story of three sister witches—Prue (Shannen Doherty), Piper (Holly Marie Combs) and Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) Halliwell—and how they kicked demon ass on a daily basis was a major hit.

Many critics and fans focus on the feminist aspect of the show when discussing it today, but Charmed should also be talked about in terms of its promotion of a number of musical acts over the course of its eight seasons. When middle sister Piper opened the doors to her San Francisco nightclub, P3, she gave these real-life musicians a new stage in pop culture.

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1. Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo
When: S5 E17: “Lucky Charmed”

The fact the show was able to book Pat Benatar to perform at P3 (and to appear as a cameo in the episode itself) is a testament to its influence in the 2000s. Benatar’s status as one of the most powerful female voices in rock over the past few decades also says a lot about Charmed’s dedication to pushing the passionate, driven female presence. The four-time Grammy winner and her guitarist husband, Neil Giraldo, performed the classic song “Heartbreaker” on the episode.

2. The Cranberries
When: S2 E5: “She’s A Man, Baby, A Man!”

Twenty years ago, the Cranberries took the stage at P3 to perform their hit single “Just My Imagination.” The Irish rock band were loved the world over, and the Halliwell sisters certainly had fun dancing the night away with their dates that evening.

3. Dave Navarro
When: S4 E5: “Size Matters”

Most recently, Dave Navarro has become known for his role as the host of Ink Master. His initial claim to fame, however, was as the guitar player for L.A.-based art-metal icons Jane’s Addiction. Navarro also had a five-year stint with Red Hot Chili Peppers from 1993 to 1998, but the guitarist/vocalist played his solo song “Hungry” for this 2001 episode of Charmed.

4. Goo Goo Dolls
When: S2 E19: “Ex Libris”

Charmed was somehow able to procure musical performances by artists who were big enough to play Madison Square Garden. Take the Goo Goo Dolls: It’s nearly impossible to find someone who hasn’t heard the song “Iris” before. (Even twenty one pilots are covering it on tour.) For the episode “Ex Libris,” the pop/rock band performed another song for which they are famous, “Broadway.”

5. Smash Mouth
When: S6 E1: “Valhalley Of The Dolls, Part 1”

Smash Mouth are best known for their radio hit “All Star,” but it was another song that earned some attention from Charmed. The band performed “You Are My Number One” on the show’s sixth season opener. Mimicking the song’s official music video, the performance was not at P3 but in a beach setting instead.