CHVRCHES vocalist Lauren Mayberry is shutting down those who claim her show outfits are "too revealing."

Mayberry posted a lengthy statement on social media which you can read below.

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The statement follows the band's headlining performance at Edinburgh’s Summer Sessions on Sunday, Aug. 11. Mayberry posted a photo of her outfit that was taken prior to hitting the festival stage.


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@thecooksan took this photo right before our gig in Edinburgh last night. Dress: @roberts.wood. Irn-Bru: model’s own.

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Last night, the CHVRCHES singer took to Twitter to pen a statement to "the people saying that [her] gig outfits are too revealing."

You can read the full statement below.

"To the people saying that my gig outfits are too revealing / I shouldn’t dress like that if I don’t want men to comment on it: I disagree. This argument assumes women only dress for the attention of men. When I dress for shows, I want to own my gender and my femininity.

“I want my performance image to be inherently feminine and tough as fuck because that is how I want to pretend to be – to myself, and to the women and young girls who come to our gigs.

“I don’t need to pretend to be One Of The Lads because I am not one. How I dress is part of how I express myself creatively and how I want to communicate our message. It’s about trying not to be ashamed of your own gender and identity, even when people tell you that you should be; about not being scared into hiding yourself because of the actions of others.

“People have tried to weaponise my gender against me since the start of my career as a musician,” she wrote in its final section. “It happens now but it also happened when I was wearing baggy flannel shirts and jeans, because it’s not really about what a woman is wearing. It never is. It’s about claiming ownership of women’s bodies and women’s narratives.

What are your thoughts on Mayberry's response to critics? Do you agree with the CHVRCHES singer? Sound off in the comments below!

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