The coronavirus pandemic is making things hard for a lot of people. But nobody thought it was going to decimate both our leisure time and the lives of the people who color it. While nationwide moratoriums on shows, entertainment and sporting events are hard to get around, it doesn't have to mean that your band has to come to an end. You just have double-down on your creativity.

Shan Dan Horan has been managing, developing and promoting bands for decades. In his roles running labels as Republic, Artery and Outerloop, there isn't a lot he hasn't seen. Whether it's the ways parasites rip-off hard-working groups or the myriad of methods band dudes use to shoot themselves in the foot, Horan's seen it. But despite all of Horan's time in the trenches, like most of us, he's never tried to function in a coronavirus pandemic until last week.

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But Horan has an analytical scope that's far greater than your average Charmin-and-Purel hoarder. He sees both the big picture and the arc of the long game. That's why he fired off a quick video for us in order to give some bands tips on how to function in these uncertain times. Dealing with scumbag promoters and making that drive through Wyoming are certainly nerve-wracking. But four homosapiens in a van trying to do their thing potentially exposed to a ton of deadly microbes is another.

If you're in a band (or just a fan of insight in general), check out what Horan has to say. He's imparting his wisdom to give bands hope. That's something we should be sharing.