Asking Alexandria's Danny Worsnop has a bone to pick with the rock/metal community and he's using a children's movie to do it. 

Worsnop says that the baddies in Trolls World Tour bear a striking resemblance to some of the more toxic members of the rock community. 

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Trolls World Tour would have been showing in theaters right now, but the coronavirus pandemic essentially shut down the economy and forced theaters like AMC and Regal to completely close their doors. Studios have decided to make their films available on-demand at home. Trolls World Tour, Birds Of Prey, The Invisible Man, The Hunt, Onward and more have all been made available for home-streaming

With the quarantine being upon us, it makes sense that people are watching a lot more films. 

That brings us to Danny Worsnop who recently talked about Trolls. It's safe to say that Worsnop's tweet is addressing the movie and the community. 

In the tweet, Worsnop compares the villainous rock and roll Trolls from the movie to members of the rock and metal communities, in that they think all other music is garbage. 

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Watching Trolls 2, where the rock group is trying to destroy all other kinds of music and like/listen to only what they like and listen to. They say pop and country etc... sucks and isn’t real music. This reminds me WAY too much of so much of the rock/metal community!


Danny Worsnop has a great point. If you don't like a genre of music, it doesn't mean it isn't real music. It especially doesn't mean it's bad. Some people don't like hummus. That doesn't mean hummus shouldn't exist or that people who like hummus are idiots. 

More Danny Worsnop/Asking Alexandria

In December of 2019, Asking Alexandria dropped a deluxe version of their self-titled LP. Dubbed LP5 DLX, the deluxe release is celebrating the highly successful record as the band continue working on their followup.

The album includes previously unheard versions of tracks including a full-band version of “Vultures,” the original demo of “Rise Up” a Hyro The Hero mash-up of “Where Did It Go” and a Dex Luthor remix of “Alone In A Room.” Elsewhere on the record is an acoustic version of “Alone In A Room” and the band’s performance of “Perfect” from their live session at Sirius XM.

Then, just last month they announced their sixth record will be titled Like A House On Fire. The record is arriving on May 15 via Sumerian Records. Danny Worsnop and Co. also released the single “Antisocialist” along with the news.

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They’re once again recording with producer Matt Good (Hollywood Undead, From First To Last), who also produced the band’s self-titled release.

Guitarist Ben Bruce offers a statement on the new album which you can read below.

“We have been working our asses off for the last couple of years on creating this album. We are absolutely in love with what we have created. There are songs about triumph, strength and resilience, songs about losing love, losing passion and losing faith. There are songs about moving on to new things and songs celebrating our journey. This album is filled with love and passion from the five original members of Asking Alexandria.”

He further elaborates on the new track, saying it’s a song for anyone frustrated with the world.

“Antisocialist is a song written for everyone who just wants to stick their middle fingers up high in the air and scream at the top of their lungs. It’s a song for the frustrated, the forgotten, the unappreciated and the downtrodden. A song for those who work hard and receive nothing in return. It’s a song for those who dream hard and are laughed at. A song that says what we all feel from time to time and a song to just let loose to! Enjoy!”

01. House On Fire
02. They Don’t Want What We Want
03. Down to Hell
04. Antisocialist
05. I Don’t Need You
06. All Due Respect
07. Take Some Time
08. One Turns To None
09. It’s Not Me (It’s You)
10. Here’s to Starting Over
11. What’s Gonna Be
12. Give You Up
13. In My Blood
14. The Violence
15. Lorazepam

Like A House On Fire arrives May 15 and can be pre-ordered here. Check out "Antisocialist" below!

Tell us what you think about Danny Worsnop's thoughts in the comments below!

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