In this video, AltPress chats with rock legend David Ellefson of Megadeth at the NAMM show. Ellefson describes the gear-oriented event as “Disneyland for adults,” while our correspondent Ryan J. Downey jokes about NAMM being the music industry's Comic-Con.

Ellefson continues to discuss how Megadeth has been supportive of the punk scene and which bands from that universe have piqued his interest. He mentions that Megadeth is touring with Havoc, however, his personal favorite is Doll Skin.

He describes the all-girl, teenage quartet as, “young ladies with an old punk rock soul.” While the girls cover music from a time before their own births, Ellefson enjoys Doll Skin’s heart for the old school music.

“That kind of spirit is great to see because they remind me of me,” he said. “They remind me of the early 80s thrash metal scene.”

The rock legend goes into how important it is to be accepting of the new generation and of all genres.

“We’ve been open to supporting all of it and not really segregating to say ‘oh, well that's not old school, we can’t have it. That’s self-serving because we have to nourish the next generation of music coming up otherwise this (NAMM) all goes away.”