Deb Never has released her latest single, “Disassociate.” In addition to the new track, a visual for the angst-ridden song drops on Friday, June 11.

The artist also announced her upcoming EP, Where Have All The Flowers Gone. Due in July, the new release promises to continue Never’s exploration of the challenges of the modern world.

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Never teased the song drop June 7 via Twitter. Her post hinted about the track as well as something else, saying the new release was her “favorite song off the project.”

Now, the enchanting track is here, and Never has revealed the project to be her upcoming EP Where Have All The Flowers Gone. On “Disassociate,” the artist revisits some of the promising notes of recent singles, but also pushes toward greater emotional depths.

“Disassociate” opens with softly plucked accompaniment, layered over vaulting percussion drops. At heart, the song contains a latent pop sensibility, shrouded beneath the dark lyrics and gritty demeanor.

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In an exclusive Q&A with Alternative Press about her previous single “Sorry,” Never spoke to her sense of songwriting. The artist noted that her songs mix genre and submerge pop music inclinations underneath her distinctive sound.

“I like playing with juxtaposition in my music, never fully leaning into a definitive genre, always teeter-tottering in the middle,” Never says to AltPress. “With that being said, “Sorry” could’ve been a clear pop song but I wanted to make it in my own way, which I suppose is low-key. Maybe that contrast is what makes it have a unique sound as you say. I like experimenting and seeing what I can get away with.”

Never’s description could easily apply to “Disassociate,” which also pushes boundaries and plays with musical dichotomies.

The song creates a distinctive contrast between the verses, some of the artist’s most sensitive and vulnerable music yet, and the choruses, which draw from power pop energy to propel the song forward.

This use of tonal contrasts stands out in a song that captures the artist’s desire to “disassociate,” to “run away” from feelings and “feel nothing at all.” A sense emerges as if the artist is struggling against all odds to make sense of the sometimes overwhelming challenges that life throws out.

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In a Jan. interview for Teeth, Never spoke at length about the way she uses music to explore struggles and find the good in the bad. She noted that difficulties are unavoidable, and the challenge is to find ways to overcome them.

“Feelings that aren’t as positive are inevitable,” Never says to Teeth. “I struggle with that every day and I know I’m not the only one. Everyone struggles and everyone’s going through something, but I think it’s important to always try to keep your head above the water. Manifesting or believing in yourself, believing in something is the thing that holds hope, that gets you out of feeling terrible, no matter how dark shit gets. You’re your only way out. If I didn’t have that power of belief in myself, or the power to want to do this, to make sure it happens, I would definitely lose myself.”

“Disassociate” is a perfect embodiment of Never’s desire to find something greater from the darkest moments.

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After a final chorus, the song finds its way to a peaceful conclusion, with gentle instrumentals layered underneath soaring vocals. The effect creates a feeling of euphoria, as if Never has finally discovered a way to escape the feelings that hold her back.

During her exclusive Q&A with AltPress, Never also spoke to her approach to songwriting. She noted that she often builds these sorts of developmental journeys into her music.

“I like starting a song in one mood and ending in another,” Never says to AltPress. “First half [of ‘Sorry’] is vulnerable and broken, just like the video. The second half of the song is like this healing process ending with this kind of ‘haha fuck you see ya never’ energy.”

The new song drop coincides with the announcement of Where Have All The Flowers Gone, due out in July. The release will feature Never’s collaborations with longtime partner Michael Percy as well as Jim-E Stack and Jam City.

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In conversation with Teeth, Never spoke about the value of her collaborations with Percy and Jam City.

“That’s also why I got super lucky in London is that I had a friend out there, Michael Percy, who also worked on this track who I felt super comfortable with,” Never says to Teeth. “I feel when you’re comfortable with someone and you have a good working relationship or have similar creative ideas, you can bring new things out of yourself and that was the thing with him. I felt comfortable enough to be able to try different things and dive into different sounds and learn. So I got lucky with that London experience with Lava, Michael and Jam being there.”

It remains to be seen what will come of Never and Percy’s latest collaboration. But if “Disassociate” is any indication, the EP will continue the artist’s search for meaning and direction in an often-confusing world.

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