While Post Malone regularly tops the rap charts, he definitely isn’t shy about his love for the scene. In fact, on most recent Hollywood’s Bleeding, he collaborated with artists we love such as Halsey and Ozzy Osbourne

His latest collab-filled album and the fact he’s already working on his next release got us thinking about who we’d love the rapper to team up with in the future, especially from the scene, because he really is one of us. We’ve compiled 10 dream collaborations we wish Posty would drop on us, which you can check out below. 

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You can’t deny this would be epic, especially if it was Posty featuring on a Slipknot track. The rapper has shown fans time and time again that his talents aren’t confined to one genre. There’s no telling what these two powerful acts could create in the studio together. 

Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams teased she has big plans for some new tunes in 2020, delivering with Petals For Armor I and II ahead of her solo full-length debut, so why not switch it up with this collab? Her vocals would complement one of the rapper’s track’s perfectly, and they’d totally balance one another out. 

Marilyn Manson

A collab with Marilyn Manson seems like the natural next step after Ozzy, as Post Malone has proved he’s not afraid to go dark. Plus, we know Manson knows how to hold his own in the rap world after his Gucci Mane collab and performing at Travis Scott’s ASTROWORLD Festival. They could make a super-creepy track that you’d still want to jam out to, and the possibilities truly seem endless. 

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Green Day

Posty has already covered Green Day’s “Basket Case, and taught Billie Joe Armstrong how to play beer pong, so we know he’s a fan. Imagine how epic it would be to see him join the punk veterans onstage for a powerful rock track? We can picture it so clearly, it feels like it’s already happened. 

Machine Gun Kelly

While this seems like a natural collab considering they’re both alternative-leaning rappers, their styles are totally different but could be complementary. Machine Gun Kelly popped up at Posty’s Runaway tour, so we know they’re cool with one another, and a track featuring both of them would undoubtedly be an instant hit. 

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Asking Alexandria

When he was in high school, Post Malone’s metalcore band covered Asking Alexandria’s “The Final Episode [Let’s Change Channel].” A collab would be the perfect way to pay homage to that. Plus, we wouldn’t mind seeing Posty go full-on AA with an all-black and leather fit. 

Bring Me The Horizon

This potential collab has been rumored in the past, but we haven’t heard much about it since 2018. Bring Me The Horizon have proven they aren’t afraid of the pop realm by working with people such as Halsey and covering Billie Eilish, so seeing them delve into rap would be amazing. 

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Billie Eilish

There are countless fan-made Billie Eilish and Post Malone mashups on the internet already, so it just makes sense. These two are kind of outcasts in the pop world because their overall aesthetics are totally their own, so they could definitely let their creativity run wild on a collab. 

twenty one pilots

We’d pay a lot of money to hear Posty rap over a fierce Josh Dun drum beat. These two powerhouses have already worked together on a cover of Oasis’ “Don’t Look Back In Anger” during twenty one pilots’ Leeds set, so we’d love to see them on a track of their own. 

My Chemical Romance

Remember how lit Posty was to play My Chemical Romance at Emo Nite? Let’s turn it up a notch and see a collab. This is definitely the most ambitious considering MCR’s reunion is so fresh and uncertain, but if they plan on fully delving back into music, this is one of the first collabs we’d like to see.