Be honest: How many times have you seen your favorite artist—whether in person, on the internet or in this very magazine—and said to yourself, “I wonder where he/she got that cool jacket/shirt/shoes?” If you’re like me, you ask yourself this at least three times a day. In the age of social media, wardrobe envy is at an all-time high. Although you might not have the same leather jacket as Brendon Urie or your own makeup line like Hayley Williams, you can still dream about it, right? Here are 11 artists whose closets we want to peek into—and then grab as much as we can before their security details chase us down.

11. The Summer Set

This Arizona quintet may be young, but they’ve all figured out what works for them stylewise, and have crafted some pretty enviable wardrobes. Plus, any band whose frontman frequently sports American flag pants is okay in my book.

10. William Beckett

Like his music career, Beckett’s style has changed over the years. When he was fronting the Academy Is…, it was shaggy hair, tight T-shirts and even tighter jeans. Now, for his solo career it’s short, slicked-back Catholic school-boy hair and lots of vests and blazers. Fortunately for Beckett, both looks work quite well on him.

9. Sydney Sierota – Echosmith

I’m not sure what it says about me that I want to raid the closet of a high school student. Then again, judging by what’s in her closet—T.U.K. Shoes, skater skirts, Dr. Martens, statement jewelry—Sierota could probably teach me a few things about fashion.

8. Brendon Urie – Panic! At The Disco

There was a time when Brendon Urie dressed like a magician from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, complete with top hat and white gloves. Then one day not too long ago, he realized he looks pretty good in bow ties and metallic blazers. (Although he’s still got a thing for top hats.)

7. Tay Jardine We Are The In Crowd

She’s got the “typical scene kid” look on lock, and I mean that in the best way possible: knit beanies, denim vests, leather jackets, skinny jeans and aviators. Sometimes everday staples make the best outfits. (It also doesn’t hurt to have a killer head of hair.)