wendy’s national roast day

15 hilariously savage Wendy’s roasts the fast food chain has served

From National Roast Day to those who simply ask for it, Wendy’s is the queen of the roast game.

October 29, 2019
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Whether they’re dropping the world’s hottest beef mixtape or roasting our favorite bands, the mastermind behind the Wendy’s Twitter account is the hero we don’t deserve. National Roast Day kicked off 2019 in the best way possible, skewering everyone from State Champs to Hopeless Records

We’ve gathered some of our favorite zingers to create a list of our 15 favorite Wendy’s roasts. So grab yourself some spicy nuggets, a delicious Frosty and dive into these hilarious tweets.

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1. Victory Records

You’re only lying to yourself if you say you don’t have a stack of Victory Records samples from Warped Tour in your room.

2. Hooters

The heat from this burn is more than enough to keep us warm this winter.

3. Most Returned Item

Wendy’s doesn’t care if you have the receipt or not.

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4. Popeyes

We all knew Wendy’s just couldn’t sit by without chiming in on the heated chicken sandwich debate sparked by Popeyes.

5. Hopeless Records

Why do they have to bring eyeliner into this?

6. Beartooth

The two go hand in hand, obviously.

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7. State Champs

This burn is Living Proof that Wendy’s doesn’t hold back.

8. Sleep On It

They really went there, didn’t they?

9. Silent Planet

Seriously, who runs this Twitter account?

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10. Ghost Key


11. Memphis May Fire

Wendy’s music knowledge is proof they’re one of us.

12. Insomnia Cookies

We mean, they’re not wrong.

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13. Jeffree Star

Do you think this roast is Jeffree Star-approved?

14. Devon Sawa

This burn is enough to make us remove our blindfold.

15. Columbus Blue Jackets

Pulling out all the punches!

Written by Whitney Shoemaker

Whitney is your definition of pop punk trash. If she's not jamming to State Champs or Grayscale, then she's probably out enjoying the finer things or working a show for Fearless Records as a Street Team Leader. She's a realist and an optimist, calling the city of Columbus her home. A huge fan of naps, Whitney often falls asleep in a city that doesn't. She's not hard to please, finding joy in discovering new bands or playing Everlong on the late night radio. Working at Alt Press and breaking ground in the music scene have always been a dream of hers, telling herself at an early age she was down for losing it all to make that happen! Now the weekend writer at AP, Whitney is prepared to be noticed and eager to contribute to the scene. If you catch her at a concert feel free to stick around, make small talk, or discuss her overuse of State Champs lyrics and song titles in her bio.