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10 of your favorite scene musicians as Halloween candy

We’ve paired some of your scene favorites with their Halloween candy counterparts.

October 18, 2019
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As our favorite season of the year quickly approaches, it’s time to bust out the Halloween candy. From the controversial candy corn to the popular Reese’s Pumpkins, we can’t help but wonder how some of our favorite bands would pair with this delicious, spooky candy. 

Is your favorite band a colorful Tootsie Pop or a chocolatey handful of M&M’s? We’ve taken 10 scene favorites and found their Halloween candy counterparts below!

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1. Waterparks – Tootsie Pops

A band who are bright, colorful and full of surprises, Waterparks make the perfect pairing with delicious Tootsie Pops. It’s a candy that comes in all colors and yields a chocolate Tootsie Roll surprise center. How many licks will it take to get to the center? How many teasers will Waterparks post before their next release? It’s a question that stands the test of time and our patience.

2. State Champs – Gummi Pizza
pizza gummy halloween candy

[Photo via Wikimedia Commons]

As one of the most notable bands in pop punk, it only makes sense for State Champs to be Gummi Pizza. It’s a rare Halloween gem that seems to show up in your trick-or-treat bag right when they’re needed. You can argue about pineapple on pizza all you want, but it’s hard to debate the epicness of Gummi Pizza—and State Champs.

3. LIGHTS – Smarties

Sweet and an artistic genius, LIGHTS is a literal walking Smarties. Whether she’s working on her own comic book, creating an entire world for her fans to dive into or releasing new music, it feels like there’s nothing she can’t do. LIGHTS is an artist who knows exactly what she’s doing, and she’s doing it with flying colors.

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4. All Time Low – Kit Kat

The individual members of All Time Low all mesh together to form one iconic band, but they’re also capable of breaking apart and being just as creative on their own projects. While Alex Gaskarth tackles Simple Creatures, Jack Barakat is taking his swing with WhoHurtYou. Whether they’re one solid Kit Kat or separate pieces, the members of All Time Low are capable of anything.

5. YUNGBLUD – Sour Patch Kids

First they’re sour, then they’re sweet. YUNGBLUD may come as a bit of a shock to some at first, but his ability to speak out on important topics and fight for the underrated Youth will quickly win you over. Loud, proud and unafraid to make his voice be heard, YUNGBLUD can only be perfectly described as a lovable Sour Patch Kid

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6. twenty one pilots – 3 Musketeers

The real heroes are super humble and unassuming. The dynamic duo of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun can only be completed by the ones they hold near and dear to their hearts. The Clique forms the irreplaceable third member to twenty one pilots, creating the 3 Musketeers of the music industry. 

7. Bring Me The Horizon – candy corn
candy corn

[Photo via Unsplash/Dane Deaner]

Candy corn is probably the most controversial of all candies. You either love it or hate it, with both sides feeling passionate about their stance. Bring Me The Horizon have never feared controversy, releasing a genre-hybrid album that caused a bit of a stir in fans who wanted them to stick to their heavy roots. Love or hate the new jams, Bring Me The Horizon aren’t going anywhere, much like this candy.

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8. Oliver Tree – Butterfinger

It’s no secret that Oliver Tree is a bit clumsy and accident-prone. From taking a fall on a pair of stilts to getting in a scooter accident, it only makes sense to pair Tree with Butterfinger. We mean, do you remember the video of his “Coachella nightmare”?

9. Grayscale – Reese’s Pumpkins

The hot item of Halloween! It feels like we wait for an eternity for these to be released, similar to how Grayscale fans feel like they’ve waited forever for the band’s latest album, Nella Vita. These candies quickly get snatched the moment they hit the shelves, much like Grayscale’s exclusive merch going out of stock in record time. Reese’s Pumpkins aren’t restocked after Halloween, and Grayscale don’t restock their merch, OK?

10. BTS – M&M’s

BTS are a group containing bright and unique personalities, yet they all come together to form one iconic K-pop group. It’s just like how the variety of M&M’s colors all merge to bring you an enjoyable, candy-coated chocolate experience that’s a comfortable and completely perfect pairing.

Written by Whitney Shoemaker

Whitney is your definition of pop punk trash. If she's not jamming to State Champs or Grayscale, then she's probably out enjoying the finer things or working a show for Fearless Records as a Street Team Leader. She's a realist and an optimist, calling the city of Columbus her home. A huge fan of naps, Whitney often falls asleep in a city that doesn't. She's not hard to please, finding joy in discovering new bands or playing Everlong on the late night radio. Working at Alt Press and breaking ground in the music scene have always been a dream of hers, telling herself at an early age she was down for losing it all to make that happen! Now the weekend writer at AP, Whitney is prepared to be noticed and eager to contribute to the scene. If you catch her at a concert feel free to stick around, make small talk, or discuss her overuse of State Champs lyrics and song titles in her bio.