Epic Games sent Fortnite fans into panic following the conclusion of its tenth season on Sunday. While many believed a teaser, trailer or something involving the new season would launch following the conclusion, players were instead left staring at a black hole.

As of Monday morning, the game still is still gone with an ominous-looking black hole taking its place.

Where the hell did Fortnite go?

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During the season's conclusion, Fortnite streamed a live event titled "The End." During which, the game's entire universe was sucked into a black hole.

You can watch the world of Fortnite end in the video below.


In order to help endure the endless hours of awaiting the games return, fans have turned to the one thing that consoles them most: memes.

You can view the livestream of

For those who are tired of viewing the black hole screen, there is a secret mini-game you can play in the meantime.

Simply enter the infamous Konami Code below and you'll begin playing a space invaders game involving a slice of pizza.

Konami Code:

↑↑↓↓←→←→ B A START (enter)

Is this simply a genius method of marketing put on by Epic Games? Or is there something deeper going on behind the black hole? Sound off your Fortnite theories in the comments below!

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