Back in April, Gerard Way announced that he had partnered with Youth Code’s Sara Taylor and created The Quarantine Coloring Book to keep us all busy during the COVID-19 pandemic. We've already received a page from My Chemical Romance lead guitarist Ray Toro. Now, it's rhythm guitarist Frank Iero's turn with his very own coloring page. 

Iero's contribution to the coloring book is for page 23 and appears to be a person riding on top of a dog. 

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The Quarantine Coloring Book started back in April and has featured everyone from  Alison Mosshart of The Kills and Every Time I Die's Jordan Buckley to famed illustrators such as Tom Scioli and Alan Brown.

In a lengthy statement, Way shared that Sara Taylor, who joined My Chemical Romance onstage at their reunion show, was the one who came up with the book’s concept. The two of them hope that this book will help out those they have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

“We wanted to do something special for everyone stuck in quarantine or stuck at home,” he shared on Instagram. “Also, for the people that want something to get their mind off things when they get home from work. Healthcare workers and essential personnel, we love you!”

Seeing as this is Gerard Way's project, it makes sense that he would want to include his multi-talented bandmates/friends in the project. That's exactly what we got two weeks ago with Toro and now it's Iero's turn. 

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 Iero's contribution has a lot going on. It looks like a hotdog person in a cowboy hat, holding a piece of pie while riding a dog and wearing a snake as a belt. There's a ton more detail but we'll let you have a look for yourselves. 

Friday. We have certainly had a hard time keeping this one from you. It is absolutely incredible. Frank is our best friend. He is a phenomenal father and husband. He is relentless in his work to push art and artists into the forefront of the world’s mind in music, words, performance, and most any other form of art. And he has always been this way. He has never wavered and we do not think he ever will. ⠀

Now and always we love you, Frank. Thank you for this magnificent piece of art. ⠀

Gerard Way also took to social media to announce that today's art was from Frank Iero.

Frank Iero
Image via Instagram/Gerard Way]

To download Frank Iero's page and see the rest of the The Quarantine Coloring Book, head here. They are asking that all donation be provided to The First Responder’s Children Foundation. The foundation helps families of first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If Iero's drawing wasn't enough to satiate your weird cravings for the surreal, check out his newest music video for "Medicine Square Garden" below.

Have you colored in any pictures from The Quarantine Coloring Book? Tell us your favorite in the comments below!

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