It looks like G-Eazy may be hitting back at Halsey in his latest single, "I Wanna Rock." On Tuesday, the rapper dropped some not-so-subtle lyrics referencing their collab track "Him & I" that fans quickly picked up on.

And Halsey is not the only one being referenced in the new track.

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The latest single from G-Eazy features fellow rapper Gunna and a music video that many believe also features a subtle dig at Halsey.

As you may recall, the on-again-off-again couple dropped their collaborative track "Him & I" in 2017. Now, it looks like G-Eazy is adding a spin to some of that track's lyrics in "I Wanna Rock."

"Not a one-hit wonder, this is why I'm hot/No Limit, all I got is Me, Myself & I/When we said it’s her and I, that shit was a lie," he raps on the track.

Fans believe a moment in the new single's music video also references the Halsey collab. In "Him & I," the rapper refers to himself and Halsey as "Bonnie and Clyde." As fans have noticed in the music video, G-Eazy teams up with a woman to execute a Bonnie and Clyde-like heist in the city.

At another point in the track, many believe the rapper is also pulling a double entendre and calling out Lil Xan.

“I don’t fuck with Xans/I grew up on Pac” could potentially be referencing both Xanax and the rapper. In a previous interview, Lil Xan stated that he doesn't like 2pac and found his music to be boring.

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You can watch the official "I Wanna Rock" video below.

This isn't the first time the former couple have referenced once another. Halsey later confirmed in an interview with Zane Lowe that her hit track "Without Me" takes a look at the duo's previous relationship.

“I have this record where it’s just me,” she explained. “No wig, no colorful hair, no character, and it’s about my life and about my relationship that the world has watched so closely and so vehemently in the past year and a half.”

Earlier this year, after pulling double-duty as both host and musical guest for her Saturday Night Live episode, Halsey gave an emotional performance of the track.

As the background she’s singing in front of comes to light, we saw scribbles of “Ashley I cheated” along with numerous different places and a few that say “I’m sorry”. Was that a possible call-out to G-Eazy?

More recently, our emo queen appeared in Post Malone's "Die For Me" in which she sings:

"Settle down, I spell it out, it's simple enough/I came around, I figured out, should follow my gut/I don't play anymore, I went through your phone/And caught the girls in your DM's and took all them home/And I know it's been a while since the last time you heard from me/Grew into a savage and that's why they gave this verse to me/Turns out at shows 'cause they turn out at shows/I sold 15 million copies of a break-up note

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"Brought some strangers in our beds/And now you lost your right to privacy/Spilling all our secrets/When you thought they'd probably die with me/Know you fucking love it on the low/And you don't have to say I'm crazy/'Cause I know nothing's changed"

What are your thoughts on the new G-Eazy track? Sound off in the comments below!

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