Earlier this month, Phoebe Bridgers sparked controversy after she smashed a guitar on stage during her debut Saturday Night Live performance.

Now, DragonForce's Herman Li is weighing in on the controversy. As it turns out, he knows just how Bridgers can annoy those guitar smash critics even more and has offered her the ultimate challenge.

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Just one week after Machine Gun Kelly‘s Saturday Night Live debut, Phoebe Bridgers hit the coveted stage for a debut of her own. However, shortly after her performance aired, Bridgers earned criticism after she smashed her guitar onstage. For many, they thought the smashing of the instrument was unnecessary.

However, Bridgers tweeted that she told the company – Danelectro – she planned to smash the $85 guitar during Saturday Night Live. As well, she also made it known that she didn’t actually ruin a perfectly good monitor. As it turns out, Saturday Night Live provided a fake one, especially for the performance.

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Despite this, Bridgers is still being criticized for the performance. She quickly became the subject of a slew of tweets from singer David Crosby. As it turns out, the singer didn't have many good things to say about Bridgers' SNL set. However, Bridgers had a few choice words for Crosby following his Twitter rant.

Shortly after this, Howard Stern asked Dave Grohl about the performance. In a lengthy statement, the Foo Fighters frontman gave a very different view of Bridgers' SNL debut than Crosby.

Now, DragonForce's Herman Li has shared his own thoughts on the situation. In a new video, the guitarist praises Bridgers' performance as well as the production that went into it. However, Li does have one critique of her SNL performance - the guitar she smashed wasn't expensive enough.

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“If I’m gonna criticize this, the main problem I have is that the guitar is too cheap," Li says. "It’s only $500 for that guitar. Next time she’s gonna smash up a guitar make it a $3,000 guitar."

Despite the small critique, Herman says he knows the best way for Bridgers to annoy those guitar smash critics even more. In the video, he challenges Bridgers to smash one of his expensive guitars.

"I’ll give her one of my $3,000 guitars," Li says. "You can take one of my signature guitars, smash that up. How about that PRS [points to guitar behind him]? Take that PRS, smash that up, that’s like a $5,000 guitar. Come on, you’re on Saturday Night Live, you can’t be smashing a $500 guitar, too cheap. You gotta take it to another level, smash it up, burn it, make it expensive! Annoy people even more!"

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He goes on to say that he will gladly gift Bridgers a new guitar especially for smashing. Then, maybe the instrument can be donated to charity.

“So, Phoebe if you’re listening to me, if you can watch this video, which obviously no chance you will ever see this video, you’re not watching my Twitch for sure. If you wanna smash up another guitar, let me know, let’s get you a real guitar to smash up. My last guitar sold for $16,000 [for charity], so maybe one of those.”

At this time, Bridgers has not publicly responded to Herman Li's challenge. In the meantime, his full video is available to watch below.

What are your reactions to Herman Li's challenge for Phoebe Bridgers? Do you think she should do it? Let us know in the comments below.