Horror movies are built to inspire fear in us, and while the actions carried out in the films are usually the thing meant to scare us, sometimes it can be the words the characters are saying. Whether it’s the villains striking fear in others or the protagonists saying all of the words the viewers are thinking while watching, horror movies have had some iconic quotes over the years.

Find out below how well you know the lines from horror movies that everyone should remember.

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With It Chapter Two arriving earlier this month, fans have finally gotten the film they’ve been anticipating for two years, but there’s a surprise cameo in the film some may not have noticed

While we found out it almost had a cameo from legendary horror director Guillermo Del Toro, it did feature a cameo from none other than Stephen King himself. 

Partway through the flick, the adult Losers’ Club explore their hometown of Derry on their own. This leads Bill (James McAvoy) to an antique shop where he’s reunited with his trusty old friend, his bicycle “Silver.”

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Bill feels compelled to buy the bike back, but he haggles with the owner of the shop about the price. The owner of the shop, though, is none other than King himself.

The scene is a bit tongue in cheek about King’s career as a writer, with him being aware of who Bill is since becoming a famous author. King even has a copy of one of Bill’s books on his store counter, which the fictional character offers to sign.

King declines the offer, simply telling him that he didn’t want it signed because he didn’t like the ending.