With the COVID-19 pandemic delaying the majority of their plans in 2020, iDKHOW had to find new ways to stay creative during lockdown. From finally releasing their debut studio album Razzmatazz to taking part in multiple Instagram Live sessions, iDKHOW have managed to keep those creative juices flowing while delivering entertaining content to their fanbase.

Now, iDKHOW have stepped out of their creative comfort zone to reimagine their hit "Leave Me Alone" into the ultimate piano ballad.

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Leave Me Alone 2020 debut album Razzmatazz Billboard

Shortly following the news, Dallon Weekes gave a special thanks to fans and anyone who has been spinning the song and their new album.

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Just one week into the new year, iDKHOW debuted a live version of "Leave Me Alone." As part of the Recording Academy's Press Play At Home series, iDKHOW treated fans to a groovy performance of the hit song while they wait for their live shows to finally return.

Now, iDKHOW are back with another rendition of the Razzmatazz song. This week, they unveiled a stripped-down piano ballad of "Leave Me Alone" that transforms the track into something completely new.

Weekes exclusively told Alternative Press why iDKHOW decided to rework "Leave Me Alone" into a smooth piano ballad. As it turns out, all of the time spent at home caused him to revisit some of their Razzmatazz songs.

"Since we haven't been able to tour, I've had a chance to mess around with some of the songs we recorded for Razzmatazz," he says. "In a normal world, songs will evolve and develop tiny changes night by night when you're on the road. Instead of that, it's been mostly playing the songs stripped down for Zoom interviews and Instagram live performances that made me want to try an alternate version. Long story short, I guess it was boredom!"

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For this new rendition of "Leave Me Alone," iDKHOW incorporated various elements that are missing from the version on their debut album. Ultimately, this piano ballad gives the song a different vibe listeners may not expect.

"A lot of vocal variations and add libs that I've been doing lately," Weekes continues. "Ideas that hadn't yet been born yet when we originally recorded it. And a different overall vibe. I think it leans a little harder into the feeling of isolation that inspired the song in the first place."

For Weekes, he envisions this piano ballad of "Leave Me Alone" eventually slipping into iDKHOW's live sets when they finally return.

"It was a lot of fun actually," he says. "To be able to play around with the melody this way. I feel like there is a lot from this version that will drift over into the proper live version of the song when we start playing shows again, God willing."

What are your reactions to the "Leave Me Alone" piano version? Which version of the song do you like more? Let us know in the comments below.