Stand-up comedians are known for making fun of themselves, people in political power and everything related to current events. This means that at the height of its popularity, comics in the early 2000s were using Myspace as a punchline in their sets.

These comedians talked about the weirdest parts of the now-abandoned social media site as well as their most awkward interactions. If you need a laugh with a heavy dose of nostalgia and cynicism, you’ve come to the right place.

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Chris Hardwick

In his 2012 Comedy Central special, Chris Hardwick told the audience that he still has a Myspace page but is too afraid to go back. He also went on to discuss other social media platforms such as Facebook. They share several similarities, and Hardwick jokes about it well. 

Marc Maron

Veteran comic and podcaster Marc Maron hated being on Myspace. On his 2009 record, Final Engagement, Maron joked that being bullied by teenagers online is exactly what he needed. Imagine how he feels now with all the social media sites out today. 

Josh Sneed

Comedy Central comedian Josh Sneed talked about all things Myspace in this bit including pages for dogs all the way to people lying in chat rooms on the social media site. Sneed also references how Myspace was sometimes used on popular shows such as MSNBC’s To Catch A Predator.

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Eugene Mirman

Comedian Eugene Mirman is best known for his stand-up special Vegan On His Way To The Complain Store and for his voice acting on Bob’s Burgers as Gene Belcher. In the clip, the Mirman shares a goofy Myspace interaction with a band who claimed they sounded like “Maroon 5 and Santana mixed together.” The band then invited the comic to come to their show, and he essentially heckled them over instant message. 

Felipe Esparza

Mexican-American comedian Felipe Esparza won Last Comic Standing in 2010 and went on to release specials on Netflix and HBO. In 2010, he shared an album, Rebound Material. Esparza’s track “Myspace” features a few dark jokes on how he connected with his daughter on the social media site. 

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Whitney Cummings

Powerhouse comedian and podcast host of Good For You, Whitney Cummings made a joke about how she found her little cousin on Myspace. Needless to say, that discovery got a little awkward. Many of us would prefer not to interact with our family on social media under any circumstances. 

Todd Barry

On his 2008 stand-up record From Heaven, comedian Todd Barry is perplexed by private Myspace pages. His bit touches on how friend requests unlock important information about individuals such as how “strawberry Pop-Tarts totally rule.” “That’s the kind of secret you can’t just share with anyone,” he jokes. 

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Jeff Dye

Jeff Dye is a well-loved comedian who has appeared on both The Tonight Show and Comedy Central. On his 2009 album, Welcome To My Brain, Dye discusses how his mom feared for his use of Myspace because he would be “five clicks away from pornography.” He has a smart remark to this fear. 

Dave Stone

Comedian Dave Stone traveled with three other comics on the Beards Of Comedy tour. In this bit, Stone joked about how his dad warned him (an adult bearded man) to be wary of perverts while using the platform. He laughed and said, “The way I see it, if anyone puts forth any effort to try to abduct me, hell, they’ve earned it.” 

Jay Malone

Comedian Jay Malone has graced many famous comedy stages and even appeared at Montreal’s Just For Laughs festival. In his 2010 joke, “Myspace Girlfriend,” Malone details how he met his ex-girlfriend on the social media site. It all started when she messaged him saying he was funny. From then on, it completely spiraled out of control, as you all may have guessed. What’s a good story without some major plot twists and catfishing?