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Juliet Simms fights to overcome her demons in "100 Little Deaths"

Juliet Simms is facing her demons and fighting to overcome them in her latest single and music video, “100 Little Deaths.”

Check out the brand new track below!

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The song and video premiered on NYLON, with Simms discussing the vulnerability behind the track.

“This song means a lot to me because it speaks to my experiences with my personal demons and the fight to overcome them,” Simms tells NYLON. “I see the struggles that so many people battle with every day, and I wanted to share a piece of myself with them.”

She continues, “Life is made up of failures and triumphs, convictions and doubt. The key is to find the ability and strength to turn off the destructive tendencies and grow stronger because of them. My weakness, at the end of the day, is something that has made me stronger and more resilient.

The little deaths we all experience while living our lives is a test of our strength, our endurance and ability to keep moving forward. You can let it kill your soul or you can use the death as a badge of honor, rise back up, and become immortal from the kill.”

You can watch the official video for “100 Little Deaths” below.

Simms recently sat down with Consequence of Sound during her run on the Rockstar Disrupt Festival to discuss her new music, including a new album that she hopes to be released in the first quarter of next yet.

It was also pointed out that she was the only female on the tour’s lineup.

“I’m used to it,” Simms says. “I grew up in the rock scene, I grew up on Warped Tour, I grew up being the only female on a bill or on a tour. It’s actually my comfort zone. In the beginning, it was, yeah, you have to learn to be one of the guys. You have to learn to be stinky and be OK with it and not have your girly comfort things and showering every day.

As a little girl I grew up having mostly boys as friends so for me, it’s no big deal.”

When asked if she thinks about the lack of girls on a lineup or a label:

“What I do think about is why aren’t there more girls? I feel like the rock world is a man’s world and there needs to be more women. For sure. I think there needs to be lots more female rockers. So girls, keep playing your instruments, keep practicing.”

You can watch the full interview here.

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