Katy Perry took to the stage on Warped Tour back in 2008 and people still aren't forgetting about it, particularly one American Idol contestant.

A contestant showed he was extra excited to see Perry while auditioning and the two were constantly discussing mosh pits while he started his own one-person-pit.

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In the clip, the contestant, Hunter Gibson, starts off by shouting out seeing Perry at Warped Tour. From there, it gets even better as he discusses his awkward nickname, "The Comeback," which he explains by showing his best one-man mosh moves.

"You were the first to mosh on American Idol," Perry says.

Gibson then starts showing off his vocal skills, singing a rendition of the All American Rejects' track "Swing Swing."

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Towards the end, Perry starts singing along with him and when he's done, the judges ask who the song was by. Instead of giving a straight forward answer, "The Comeback" instead revisits the weird dance moves he deems moshing.

Ultimately, he gets a no from the judges but Perry gives him some props by saying the style he's trying for is making a comeback, but it isn't suited for American Idol.

He takes the rejection very well and argues for his vocal style being appropriate for what he's doing. We can't deny that he's right about that, even if his performance was pretty awkward. At the end of it Gibson is mostly happy to have rose the energy in the room and captured the attention of Perry.

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The All-American Rejects caught wind of the performance Sunday night, tweeting “We heard Swing, Swing is getting sung on @AmericanIdol tonight!? Thanks for singing along @katyperry , we are coming for you next @lionelrichie.”

The band also responded to Perry admitting the track was still stuck in her head.

And Perry wasn’t the only one to get a shout. The band responded to a Twitter user “apologizing” for the rendition, writing, “We like to think of it as our “Happy Birthday to you...”. Just because he didn’t sing it well tonight, doesn’t mean you won’t hear it at @Applebees every night anyway.”

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Gibson replied, tweeting, “Love ya guys! Sorry for being pitchy ? but glad I could get everyone singing along ??” to which the band told him he was “everything.”

You can watch the clip in the player below.

What do you think of Katy Perry reliving her moshing days on American Idol? Let us know in the comments below.

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