Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! has released a surprise EP. Titled At War With The Silverfish, the new release dropped via Polyvinyl Records.

The record follows Grace’s solo album Stay Alive, released in 2020. The latest EP, which contains seven tracks, explores a variety of universal themes, ranging from yearning for love to dealing with loneliness.

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These themes come to life with the help of an intimate folk-rock sound as well as Grace’s captivating vocals.

Alternative Press spoke with Grace for the Power Issue: Women Rising, where she discussed a wide range of issues, from the societal pressures she faced after coming out as a trans woman and the importance of LGBTQIA+ visibility in America to her activities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Grace explicitly discussed the disruption to musician’s careers, specifically emphasizing the impact of the pandemic on touring artists.

“[Touring is] what I do,” she said. “I know I make records, and I record music, but primarily, I’m a live musician. I like to play shows and tour. It’s weird being in a limbo-like holding pattern. Everyone in the band lives in different places, so, unfortunately, we haven’t been doing anything while this is happening.”

Even so, Grace emphasized she was busy during the time off.

“I put out a record [Stay Alive] in October, and then I’m doing a DJ thing for Vans at House of Vans, playing songs and talking on the livestream,” she continued. “I’ve been thankful for small things like that that come up and keep me busy—they’re almost like having a tour date on the calendar since I can’t tour right now.”

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Now, Grace has had a chance to reveal one more product of her COVID productivity. In a press release, Grace explains her intentions behind the EP’s universal themes.

“I’ve learned that if you share your experience with good intentions that the universe will always surprise you with abundant return,” Grace says. “Every song is an act of faith; you don’t necessarily know why you’re singing it other than you know you’ve got to sing it.”

At War With The Silverfish is out now via Polyvinyl Records. Listen to Grace’s new EP below and share your thoughts in the comments.

At War With The Silverfish tracklisting:

1. “Three of Hearts”
2.“Lolo 13”
3.“Long Dark Night”
4.“Electro-Static Sweep”
5.“Day Old Coffee”
6.“Smug FuckFace”
7.“Yesterday Pt.II”