Following Tuesday's sudden announcement of a posthumous, collaborative track from XXXTentacion and Lil Peep, the late rappers' joint new song "Falling Down" is now available. Below, hear the catchy cut from the two artists.

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Yesterday, a graphic promoting the new tune abruptly appeared on XXXTentacion’s official Instagram. The pic's caption simply read, "dropping tomorrow @ 9 a.m. EST." The same graphic then appeared on Lil Peep's Instagram story.

On X's story, however, an additional image rolled before the big reveal. And it's text featured a heartbreaking line from from one of the "SAD!" singer's last studio sessions for "Falling Down" before his untimely death at age 20.

"His name will live, brother. I feel hella shitty because it's like, if I would've known he was so cool, I would've fucked with him sooner."

Te passage seems to posit a (dubious but affecting) retrospective reaction from XXXTentacion on Lil Peep's death last year from an overdose. X himself died seven months later, the young rapper a victim of gun violence.

And that bitter poignancy underscores the eerie breeze blowing in the ILoveMakonnen-helmed "Falling Down," the song's stoic verses flowing into an unearthly hook. A bracing bookend for X and Peep, the latter who tragically died at 21.

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