One similarity between Machine Gun Kelly and twenty one pilots is that they're both from Ohio but apparently the first time they ever crossed paths was under awkward circumstances.

On a livestream webcast celebrating 420 with Chris Webby and Pete Davidson, the rapper tells the time he first met the rock duo and how it happened while he was urinating into a trash can.

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The main point of the livestream beyond gathering together celebrities and musicians to discuss their 420 celebrations is to raise funds for No Kid Hungry.

Beyond MGK, the livestream also featured guest spots from Webby's parents, actor Jeremy Piven, comedian Bill Burr, Bob Saget as well as Kevin Smith and plenty more.

They share stories about the current global situation with the COVID-19 coronavirus, essential businesses, their first times smoking weed and more.

When they bring MGK on, they discuss his many musical drops that have happened since he went into isolation.

While discussing taking dabs with rapper Action Bronson, Pete Davidson brings up that Bronson has been known to urinate while rapping.

Machine Gun Kelly then steps in with his own story about meeting twenty one pilots for the first time. According to MGK, he was stuck urinating into a trash can when he met the duo initially.

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"I've definitely pulled that off. You know what's funny, I actually did this. The first time I ever met twenty one pilots was peeing in a trash can during a show. The guy comes up to me and he like comes up and we exchanged some tense words and shit where he was like 'I'm coming for your spot' back when they were opening for us or whatever. I just remember pissing in a trash can and I was like 'fuck this guy' [laughs]"

He continues: "We're both from Ohio and long story short, years later we saw each other at the top and see each other at house parties and it's all good times."

You can watch the clip below. Machine Gun Kelly's quote comes around an hour into the cast if you're looking just to hear that.

What do you think of Machine Gun Kelly's thoughts on twenty one pilots? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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