Watch Malia Obama’s cut cameo in New Dakotas music video
[Photo via YouTube]

Watch Malia Obama’s cut cameo in New Dakotas music video

Malia Obama made her music video debut in indie-folk band, New Dakotas’ latest video. However, when fans went to check out the video for “Walking On Air,” they were surprised to find out that Obama’s cameo had been cut. 

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After releasing their second music video, Boston’s New Dakotas made the decision to cut Obama’s cameo. According to E! News, the band likely met former president Barack Obama’s daughter while studying undergrad at Harvard. 

On Friday evening, the original video was removed from YouTube. The current music video features jump cuts at 1:39 and 1:55. Obama’s cameo was from 1:40 to 2:04. The band has apologized for the glitch but hasn’t offered any explanation as to why Obama was removed.

Obama originally appeared in a sweater and a beanie while lip-synching to the song’s lyrics. Additionally, Malia played air-harmonica while rocking out to the song.  

You can watch the original version of the music video with Obama in it here.

Check out the updated video below.

“Walking On Air” is one of New Dakota’s songs from their EP Marsh Street. The EP was released in April and all of their music is available on Spotify.

While this was her music video debut, Obama is no stranger to the entertainment world. The former president’s daughter has interned on HBO’s Girls, rocked out at Lollapalooza and attended Sundance Film Festival.

The Obama family have been profound music supporters since day one. Between clearing up a misunderstanding with Korn, actively loving heavy metal and hosting their own music festival called “South By South Lawn,” it comes as no surprise that Malia turned out the same way.

We are so proud.

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